Marité Matus’ harsh message about the support she receives from Arturo Vidal

The model and influencer Marite Matus he always monopolizes the digital portals due to issues related to his private life. In addition, the ex of the soccer player Arturo vidal, She is very active on social networks where she accumulates more than 700,000 followers from all latitudes who do not lose track of her.

For your huge virtual fandom, Marite Matus shares photos of her best looks and poses as she has also become a benchmark for fashion and trends. The model also lets her followers see some postcards from her travels and her daily life.

But now, Marite Matus He used the social network of the little camera but to make a strong statement about the alleged support that his ex-partner and father of his three children would give him Arturo vidal. It all came about when the journalist Paula Escobar said on the program “Let me tell you” that the blonde receives 50 million pesos per month from the player.

Marite Matus. Source: instagram @mariteematus

Given this, Marite Matus shared information on instagram and wrote on top of it: “Fake. I know I shouldn’t have to do it, but if they talk about me, I also talk (write)” and continued very angry: “These journalists who make these statements, without asking, without even having the detail of ‘investigating’ but just affirming, just because, because they believe they own the truth, because the ‘rumor’ reached them”.

Marite Matus. Source: Terra archive

“Do they feel good about what they do? I don’t know, I think they were late for the distribution of “ethics”, “he concluded. Marit Matus on the social network of the camera and immediately her huge virtual fandom began to send her messages with strength and good wishes to deal with these rumors that do not leave her alone.