Marité Matus joins the patterned catsuit trend

Marité Matus She is a first class mother and is always showing herself with her children. She not only leaves greetings on social networks for them on their birthdays, but she also films herself when she takes them to school in the car and also how she lives day to day with them. Without forgetting that, as is normal, she gets sick more than once and she has to be with them at the health center.

For that reason, it has been criticized more than once. Arturo vidal. The King has been ironically called “daddy heart” by netizens for not being there at all the children’s moments. It’s that the midfielder is playing for Flamengo and has to be present at every game. This Sunday, March 19, he was a substitute in the match where “Mengao” qualified for the final of the Carioca Championship.

Arturo vidal He entered the field at minute 59 replacing Everton. In the 31 minutes that he was there, he celebrated a second goal from Pedro and another from Ayrton Lucas with which they sealed the final 3-1. Finally, “King Arthur” will travel to Chile to join the La Roja squad for the friendly on March 27 against Paraguay. There he will be able to see his beloved children.

Marité Matus and Camilo Huerta at Lollapalooza. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

One of them, Alonso, was at Lollapalooza this weekend with his mother marite and her boyfriend, Camilo Huerta. “Lollapalooza with my loves” wrote the influencer and posed from Parque Cerrillos. All celebrities wear beautiful looks for the festival and her case was no exception since she wore a tight patterned catsuit.

Marité Matus and Alonso at the festival. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

Undoubtedly, you must have a special figure to wear a tight-fitting garment and she has it. She else accompanied her with a jean coat tied at the waist, white boots and sunglasses. The Instagram post exceeded 37,000 likes and 300 comments. “I love it” wrote her friend Gissella Gallardo. As usual, marite He received messages from haters such as “Regia!!!!! But it won’t be inappropriate to take your child so young to a place where they consume alcohol and drugs” and “With your children it’s fine, but with the bloodsucker…..I don’t think so good”.