Marité Matus revealed the strange hobby that Alonso has, her eldest son with Arturo Vidal

The model and influencer Marité Matus She is one of the most popular women on social networks where she accumulates more than 700,000 followers from all latitudes who are aware of her movements and publications. For them, the ex of Arturo vidal He shares postcards of his daily life and his family.

Marité Matus She is the mother of three children Alonso, Emiliano and Elisabetta, product of her previous relationship with Arturo vidal and they all live with her in Chile while her father visits them when he travels from Brazil, the country where he is now based for his performance in the Flamengo team.

The truth is Marité Matus He has more than one parenting anecdote with his children due to the large amount of time he spends with them and now he has decided to reveal the mania he has alonso, his eldest heir. In her stories, the blonde shared a badge that says that the children can take hours to respond to messages from her mother, but that she is not allowed to take a second.

Marite Matus’s message to her son. Source: instagram @mariteematus

“To your teenager: if you send him a message, he may not answer until three hours later, but he should not write something to you because if you don’t answer in three minutes, they automatically write: mom? maaaa? mommy? where are you? why are you ignoring me? hello mamaa?”, said the message he shared Marité Matus in the social network of the camera.

Marite Matus and her 3 children. Source: instagram @mariteematus

Immediately Marité Matus mentioned to monkey vidal as they nickname their eldest son and the laughter and comments of Internet users who go through similar situations with their adolescent children exploded. So far the young man has not acknowledged receipt.