Marité Matus rocked the net in a leather miniskirt

Marite Matus He is living a beautiful present on a sentimental level. The influencer has been in a relationship for more than a year with Camilo Huerta and both are more than affectionate on social networks. She recently posted a couple of photos with him and it was filled with likes and comments.

“And when I had the least faith, you appeared to make me believe and feel what love is … Thank you because you are not only my great love, you are the partner we all deserve … I LOVE you @camilohuerta” he wrote Marite in that post. Despite having thousands of likes, she decided to hide them for a reason she did not explain.

For this Halloween party, Matus He showed how his children dressed. Between the three of them, they formed the team of Mario Bros, who was played by Emiliano, the youngest. Alonso Vidal dressed up as Luigi, the fictional younger brother of the protagonist and his iconic companion in the video game. Elizabetta, the girl of the family, dressed in yellow, as the lesser known character: Wario, the main antagonist and final boss.

Alonso, Emiliano and Elizabetta Vidal. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

The children are with their mother and have not been able to be with their father, when he celebrated the victory of Flamengo. Vidal He was asked about it in an Instagram Live he did about why the children were not in Brazil with him. “If I’m not with my son, it’s because I can’t” he replied bluntly.

Marite He also dressed up for the Halloween party and turned up the heat. The King’s ex-wife wore a black leather miniskirt and top, with which she played a beautiful policewoman. She also added the handcuffs, the peaked cap and the sunglasses, very characteristic of police officers.