Marité Matus was photographed on the edge of the pool with a neon shirt that will be a trend

Marité Matus He has been living the last days of the year in various school events for his children. However, Arturo vidal he has been called “Papito corazón” for his repeated absence at important events for children. The King was with them to celebrate Argentina’s victory over France in Qatar 2022.

It is that the children of Vidal They are very fans of Messi and the midfielder has supported them in everything. He even recently responded to Kylian Mbappé’s controversial statements about South American football. Before the World Cup was played, the French striker had spoken with TNT Sports Brazil. There he gave his opinion on who were the candidates to win the coveted trophy.

“France, from now on. I think that Brazil is also a good team, but there are several European teams as well. The advantage we have here is that we always play high-level matches, we have the Nations League for example. When we get to the World Cup, we’ll be ready. Argentina and Brazil do not play matches of a high level to reach the World Cup. In South America soccer is not as advanced as in Europe. And that is why when you look at the last World Cups it is always the Europeans who win” were the words of the Frenchman who inflamed Vidal.

‘King Arthur’ published a photo of Mbappé on his Instagram and wrote: “Learn from those of us who invented football: South America. Don’t look for them, you’ll get the cuckoo.” After his paradisiacal vacations in the Maldives with his girlfriend Sonia Isaza, for which marite He also sent some hints on his networks, finally the player was reunited with his children.

Arturo Vidal with his children at the Club Hípico. Source: Instagram @kingarturo23oficial

A few hours ago, Vidal He lived a special day at the Equestrian Club, where in the company of his children with Marité he saw the triumph of his “Queen Jake” in race 16, which was celebrated with all his friends. For her part, the influencer published a photograph next to it with a neon shirt and a white minishort. “If you are afraid of yourself, of your company, it is because you are afraid of life… Learning to be alone, not being afraid of enjoying your own company; I think it is the first step to happiness, and La Paz… Love to all” was the text he wrote and with which he garnered more than 14,500 likes.

Marité Matus by the pool. Source: Instagram @mariteematus