Mark Ronson “meets” Mina: the remix of the song “Ancora, anchor, anchor” is out

When a brilliant, prolific and multifaceted British record producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist who is the author of some of the biggest pop hits today – that is Mark Ronson – meets a local excellence like Mina, a masterpiece can only be born. And in fact the remix of the hit of the so-called “Cremona tiger”, the song Again, again, again, once it gets into your head it never comes out. There is nothing to do, just try it (you can listen to the song at the bottom of this article).

“I kept many things from the original, such as the voice and the strings, but I gave it a new rhythm and added my touch,” explained Ronson as he released his new musical effort in streaming.
This remix of his was originally created for the Gucci fashion show during Milan Fashion Week which took place last September. Now it arrives online on streaming platforms, and – needless to say – it hypnotizes everyone’s ears. Ronson’s talent in weaving hypnotic plots that manage to descend into the depths of the unconscious is always the great protagonist, even when there is a diva of Mina’s caliber as supporting character.

You can listen to the song Again, Again, Again (Mark Ronson Remix) in the clip you find at the bottom of this article, in the video shared by Mina Mazzini’s official YouTube channel.

Mina’s song dates back to the late seventies

Mark Ronson has reworked the sound, rhythm and mood of Again, again, again by Mina to meet the needs of a fashion show.

In fact, on the occasion of the recently concluded Milan Fashion Week, the new creative director of Gucci, Sabato De Sarno, presented his first fashion show and asked Ronson for a soundtrack worthy of the event.

It was just then that the remix of was heard Again, again, again, a song released way back in 1978 and consecrated as a cult thanks to Mina’s golden uvula. We remind you that the song bears the authorial signature of Cristiano Malgioglio and Gian Pietro Felisatti, who wrote the music and words of the piece.

A song that was the ending theme of a television program

As many “boomers” or presumed boomers will remember, Again, again, again by Mina was the ending theme of the television program A thousand and one lights.

It was a variety and game program, broadcast in the summer of 1978 on RaiUno. The authors were Luciano Gigante and Adolfo Perani, while the direction was by Piero Turchetti and the musical direction by Renato Serio. The program was hosted by Claudio Lippi, Luciano De Crescenzo and Ines Pellegrini.

The final theme saw (or rather: heard) Again, again, again as a soundtrack. Accompanying the song was a video shot at the Bussola in Viareggio a few days before Mina’s last concert.

As we read in these hours above Rolling Stone Italy“after the first episode of the program, an alternative version of the video was made, less sensual than the first (for the time)”.
RS he also underlines that “for over twenty years those images were the last official ones of the singer”.

Ronson: “It’s an epic ballad, very Italian”

“It has shades of things I’ve done before, but it’s also an epic ballad, very Italian,” Mark Ronson said when speaking to Vogue about the Mina song he remixed. “So I kept a lot of things from the original, like the vocals and the strings, but I gave it a new rhythm and added my own touch to it. On Saturday De Sarno spoke to me about the Italian pop music of the 70s and 80s which was so important to him, I started from there”, adds the English composer and producer.

Mark Ronson is one of today’s top record producers

If there is a multifaceted, prolific and mythical figure in today’s seven-note world, it is Mark Ronson.
Born in 1975 (so actually when Again, again, again came out, he was there), as a producer and musician Ronson has collaborated with artists of the caliber of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, just to name some of the pop stars to whom he lent his genius and his perspicacity.
Instead, among the sporadic but very interesting collaborations, we mention those with the alternative rock groups Tame Impala and Queens of the Stone Age. He has also worked with Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars, thus becoming a very important name in the contemporary R & B genre.

Ronson is an award-winning producer and artist

Mark Ronson won 7 Grammy Awards, including one for Producer of the Year, for producing the album Back to Black by Amy Winehouse, two BRIT Awards and, thanks to the song Shallow taken from the film A Star Is Bornan Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

Alongside his career as a producer he also has that of a singer: he has released 5 studio albums, including Uptown Specialcontaining the successful collaboration with Bruno Mars Uptown Funkwhich was the best-selling single of 2015.
Mark Ronson is the founder of Allido Records and in 2018 of Zelig Records, part of Columbia Records.

You can listen to the song Again, Again, Again (Mark Ronson Remix) in the clip you find below, shared by Mina’s YouTube channel.