Mark Zuckerberg hospitalized after tore a ligament during training

Mark Zuckerberg has been rushed to hospital due to an injury he sustained during mixed martial arts (MMA) training. The founder of Facebook and Meta suffered a rupture of his anterior cruciate ligament and was promptly operated on: he himself announced the news to fans through a post on social media. In the photos of him, Zuckerberg can be seen in bed in pajamas, with one leg immobilized by bandages and braces, as well as a plastic bracelet, with his wife assisting him.

Zuckerberg’s post

Zuckerberg then shared the details with a long post: “I broke my anterior cruciate ligament and just came out of surgery to reconstruct it.” In the post there was no shortage of thanks to the doctors: “I am grateful to the doctors and the team who they are taking care of me. I was training for a competitive MMA fight early next year, but that will have to be postponed a bit now. Thank you all for the love and support.”

The passion for martial arts

The dedication of the CEO of Meta (the new name of his company which controls both Facebook and Instagram) to martial arts is nothing new, so much so that he and Elon Musk (owner of Tesla and X, or Twitter) had promised to challenge each other in a match that ultimately resulted in a great marketing campaign.