Marla Solís, daughter of Marco Antonio Solís, shows that she is one of the most beautiful with a dress with transparencies

Marco Antonio Solis He is an established artist with an extensive musical career who has been repeatedly awarded over the years. His family, especially his daughters Beatriz, Marla and Alison, have inherited the singer’s talent and have dedicated themselves to music in its different styles.

Marla she even already has some singles and is strongly focused on her career. She recently participated in the annual Monitor Latino award ceremony that takes place in Los Angeles, California. It is a list of songs and singles founded in 2003 by music industry experts that monitors more than 700 Hispanic radio stations.

?Monitor Latino currently has a presence in the United States, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Panama and Mexico. The latter is the country where he was born mark antony and his family.

Marla Solís at Monitor Latino. Source: Instagram @maroficial

Marla He shared photos of the award ceremony where he was seen with his mother, Cristy Solís. The Cuban model is always very close to her daughters and accompanies them in every step they take. This time she was no exception. Buki’s middle daughter wore a pastel light blue dress with transparencies on the abdomen and part of the leg. The garment was all decorated with matching rhinestones.

Marla Solis and Cristy Solis. Source: Instagram @maroficial

Cristy Solis posed with a more formal dress, in black. The Instagram post garnered thousands of likes and comments, although, true to his style, the musician’s daughter decided to hide the amount. “I don’t know where to look at the photo with such quality, che!!! Beautiful !!! All the best for today my love!!! And the best is always yet to come #Affirmation” and “With all due respect, Cristy, you cloned yourself in Marlita, how beautiful” were some of them.