Marlò: “There is a time for everything in life, but certain moments arrive regardless”

The time of things it is not a concept album but finds its common thread in the facets of the concept of time. The songs inside tell about relationships, places, the beginning and end of things through the lens of time. Time wasted, time consumed, time invested, time that remains, time shared, time in the here and now. If this album were a season it would be winter, if it were a house it would be a loft in which the bedroom and the living room merge. Voice, choirs and guitars are at the center of the arrangements which move between dreamlike atmospheres and essential sounds. Nine songs, seven of which are unreleased, a cover and a reinterpretation of a song from the popular Abruzzo tradition. A record whose sole objective is fidelity to one’s own taste.

Federica let’s start from the history of The Time of Things is it because you don’t consider it a concept since it follows the sun like a sundial?

It was born after a long break, my first album came out in 2016, I did a few dates and then I stopped: it was the reality of Chiara Raggi and her Musica di Seta that made me start writing again. It is not a concept because it was not born with that idea and despite the concept of a theme that unites the songs there is no story with its evolution. For this period, time is a constant concept and I felt it as a priority element: understanding the time I have and how to live it.

If I tell you that there is a time for all things, do you share or are we the ones who, by managing time, go towards things?

There is a time for all things but I believe that there are precise moments in life that are written and arrive regardless of our will: then there is free will to direct them.

What does it represent for you “leave the seashore”? Is it leaving the comfort zone or leaving on a journey like Ulysses did, with the myth of the return in the nostos?

It’s being able to take a leap in your gut every now and then, being able to conceive of abandoning yourself to things, of throwing yourself. It’s following your instinct, a complex concept for me.

“The time of things that never has the eternal at its disposal” it conveys a certain restlessness, as if we were tending towards an endless existence. Is this your conception of Icarus’ mad flight?

I mean things that have a time. However, everything has its end. There I talk about a story, about the life of two people. Seize the moment aware of where you are knowing that the end of things comes and if you have not lived fully you arrive at an ending without a previous evolution.

Where does a relationship lived in reverse, à la Benjamin Button, lead? Would you relive it and, for what it’s worth, in hindsight, would you change if not the ending several stages? Also in In a million years do you sing “the love that passes and does not remain”.

A reverse story leads to awareness of what has been. As far as I’m concerned, I only understood the meaning when I reached the end, maybe I would have changed some things but if so, what person would I be today? I like where those things took me. I have some difficulty with forever, I hope that everything lasts as long as the feeling that I gave birth to is preserved, for when it changes.

“One hundred words can’t say who you are”…and yet sometimes one is enough: this piece has the suspension of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s stories and conveys a feeling of exhausting anticipation. Where is love hidden? Do you feel Penelope weaving or she undoing?

Today I think I know where it is, a recently achieved awareness: love is in the naturalness of things, if the other is the right person, things arise naturally. Today I’m a half Penelope, I’ve undone enough to weave something new.

Neither The Music of Time you talk about the love you give… it’s absent, but also in the other songs, what you receive: don’t you talk about it out of modesty or because your emotional thermometer is in the red?

Maybe because I gave more than I received in two-way relationships. But in all other areas I receive a lot. I won’t talk about it because up to now the lack has moved me more than what I have received.

When life makes you inaccessible, as you say in Every Life it’s self protection or “a conscientious choice”?

I hope that life doesn’t make me inaccessible. What happened to me created layers of protection, the more it goes on the more it becomes structured. Many things have made me suspicious and not very accessible, but if we understand each other we can avoid the past making us negative.

Close with On the sofa or in the corner of the world and in both places mentioned there is the beauty of life. After a journey through doubts and absences, is the ending open-hearted?

Absolutely. This piece arrived at the end of writing and suddenly. Writing it I realized that in the past I have written about interactions but not about love, I consider this my first love song.

Promise that your 2024 will be made of moments and emotions “strong, kind, rich, happy”? And that this life will not make you “arid and inaccessible”?

We can say it. Otherwise I would be someone who writes well but scratches badly. That’s what I would like.

What will happen artistically in these first months of 2024?

There will be a presentation in Pescara in March and then some other presentation date will arrive. I hope for the summer to have a more organic tour.