Marmolada collapse, advice on the causes awaited at the beginning of October

The prosecutor has entrusted the task to experts from the universities of Siena and Trento to verify the status of the Queen of the Dolomites and understand if the avalanche that killed 11 people could be foreseen

It is expected to “early October”, except for any extension, the delivery of the advice requested by the Trento prosecutor led by Sandro Raimondi to understand the causes of the collapse of part of the Marmolada glacier which on 3 July overwhelmed and killed 11 climbers.

The assignment was awarded in July to internationally renowned experts from the University of Siena (Department of Physical, Earth and Environmental Sciences) and Trento (Hydraulic Engineering) to verify the state of the Queen of the Dolomites and the stagnation of the mass of water that was created due to the high temperatures (that Sunday at the top it was over 10 degrees). The assessments of the experts will help to understand if the sudden collapse of the serac terminal of the glacier could have been predicted.

Meanwhile, the health conditions of the wounded involved in the avalanche of rocks and ice that he made are improving 11 victims: three women (Erica Campagnaro, Manuela Piran and Liliana Bertoldi), two mountaineers from the Czech Republic (Pavel Dana and Martin Ouda), Nicolò Zavatta (22 years old) the youngest of the victims, and again Filippo Bari, Paolo Dani, Tommaso Carollo, Davide Miotti and Gianmarco Gallina. Eight Venetian victims, of which seven resident in the province of Vicenza.