Marmolada collapse, Trento prosecutor asks for filing: “No human responsibility”

In the avalanche of July 3, 2022, 11 people lost their lives

The Trento prosecutor’s office has asked for the investigation to be closed after the avalanche and collapse on the Marmolada on 3 July 2022 in which 11 people lost their lives. The request signed by the Trento prosecutor Sandro Raimondi and the prosecutor Antonella Nazzaro highlights the unpredictability of the event, as supported by the report ordered by the prosecutor to a pool of experts. The detachment – according to the consultants – “has occurred due to the concomitant action of the high temperatures and the structural/mechanical characteristics of the glacier itself” a combined action which “prevented and prevents the predictability of the event or the unexpected mobilization of a portion of ice”.

The temperature alone “would not have caused the collapse and neither should it in itself have caused alarm, given the absence of ‘macroscopically’ observable premonitory signals: the worsening of the ice conditions is a factor that can be detected in retrospect and this helps to confirm the hypothesis of an unpredictability of the event”. The conclusions reached by the consultants, according to the prosecutor’s office “must be fully shared, no ‘human’ responsibility can be recognized in the present case. Not even the experts in the area – mountain guides and visitors to the Marmolada – have ‘felt’ suitable anomalous conditions to predict what happened”. Furthermore, climate change “cannot in itself constitute a reason or criterion” for assuming events such as that of July 3, 2022.

For the future it will be “to be monitored – by everyone – in order to prevent tragedies and loss of precious human lives, also the risk constituted by sudden movements of ice masses as phenomena, however, on a par with other ‘natural’ phenomena ( earthquakes, floods, seaquakes, tsunamis and the like) linked to the continuous transformation/evolution of the earth mass and which, unfortunately, are becoming increasingly frequent everywhere and also in our latitudes”, reads the conclusions of the filing request.