Marracash, unveiled official line-up of ‘Marrageddon’

For his first rap festival the artist two shows. In Milan Salmo, Fabri Fibra, Shiva and Paky, in Naples Lazza, Geolier, Madame, Marra + Guè (In Santeria)

After the success of the tour in the arenas, Marracash warms up the engines for ‘Marrageddon’, the artist’s first rap festival, which in 5 months will celebrate the path that the genre has made over the years. Two shows that Marracash wanted to put together to play his music live together with other artists and friends, like a big party that unites Milan and Naples. Today Marracash unveiled the official line-up of artists who will perform during the two events, on 23rd September in Milan at the Snai La Maura racecourse and on 30th September in Naples at the Agnano racecourse.

Marracash, artistic director of the festival, has gathered some of the most relevant colleagues of the Italian urban scene, who will take turns on stage in Milan and Naples, each with their own set and a performance specifically designed for the occasion. Salmo, Fabri Fibra, Shiva and Paky are the headliners that Marracash wanted on the stage of his home, in a special location, as well as the largest ever in the Milanese city, while Lazza, Geolier, Madame, Marra + Guè (In Santeria) will be the protagonists of the second stage of the festival, in Naples.

In the coming months, Marracash will announce other names that will complete the line-up of ‘Marrageddon’. For both cities, the show starts at 5pm. Tickets for the two appointments, as well as the single season ticket to participate in both stages of the festival, are already available.