Marrageddon Festival, the celebration of Italian hip hop: what a show, Marracash!

Marracash?! No, MarraKing

Marracash?! No, MarraKing. Of Italian hip hop, period. Courageous but aware that this would be a unique and above all very important opportunity for this musical genre. To make everyone understand that Italian hip hop is alive and has extraordinary talents. From those who tell it and spread it through the radio and the music itself, like Michele Wad Caporosso of Radio Deejay who opened the Marrageddon Festival and who, every day in his program “Say Waaad”, spreads hip hop. To those who, like the artists who took to the stage before the Marracash show (such as Salmo, Fabri Fibra, Shiva, Paki, Anna, Miles, Kid Yugi and, surprisingly, Noyz Narcos, Nerone, Ensi, Artie 5ive, Tedua, Nerissima Serpe and Tony Boy). But also to those who sang with him, starting with Gué, Salmo, Paky, Blanco, Madame, Mahmood and Lazza (who arrived as a surprise). It was a party, of hip hop and with hip hop, the Italian one, which has Talent (with a capital T). And this is just the beginning, because this festival absolutely must have more editions, and not stop at 2023.

Welcome to Marrageddon

The desire to be there was so strong that not even an afternoon storm stopped the first arrivals at the Marrageddon Festival: at 3.00 pm there were already many, but during the evening 84 thousand people arrived at the Snai La Maura Hippodrome for the Marracash and ‘Italian hip hop, with many friends but above all artists who, in our country, are making a difference. And what better occasion than this to celebrate 50 years of hip hop?! Marra bet on this project and was far-sighted, courageous, perhaps a little reckless, but absolutely perfect. Like his show.

It’s Marracash, beauty!

A perfect story of his career, from its origins to its evolution, collaborations and the ability to choose who to write and sing with. It is no coincidence that Guè and “Santeria”, Marra and Guè’s 2016 album, were also highly anticipated, but never so current. Like the announced artists who sang before him.


The Marracash show, however, starts from a MarraClassico, or “Badamum Cha Cha”: it is Marracash from 2008, with its elephants (but this time they are virtual, also because we are not in Barona) and its energy. Accompanied by a dance troupe perfectly integrated with its music and its movements (never invasive), Marracash officially starts the dancing. And what dancing. Non-stop rhythms, but he – in the end – is truly the “King of rap”, like the song he sings shortly after, followed by Didinò, Popolare and Nuovo Papa. Then the first surprise: here is Salmo.

“Thanks Marra, but do you realize what you’ve done?!”

To the tune of “A Sometimes Esagero” Salmo returns to the stage, after having sung shortly before the start of Marracash’s live performance, an explosive space to say the least… but as we all know, Salmo really gives his best live, he has an energy that It’s difficult to explain in words, you have to live it. The two, together?! A master flamethrower. And the even more beautiful aspect is that between the two of them there is esteem, respect and affection. They never fail to thank each other, and Salmo turns to Marra saying: “Thank you brother, do you realize what you have done?!” between incredulous and enthusiastic at seeing 84 thousand people there, for them.

Then it’s time for “Criminal Rapper” and Baby Gang also appears on the screens. At the end of the song Marracash thanks him and says: “Baby Gang is not here due to some legal problems. But please remember: never judge the lives of others if you are not in it.” A few moments and Marra dedicates “Bastavano le crumbiole” to all the children of immigrants, while photos of his family and of him as a child scroll by.

The first part of Marrageddon ends with an unreleased version of “No love songs”: “This is an unreleased version. Many artists have sung it, but this evening there will only be my voice.” The result?! Chills.

Santeria, Marra & Gué

We return to 2016, with that “Santeria” that made history. He had announced it and promised it: on the Marrageddon stage, with Marracash, Gué arrives to sing that very album together.

We start with “Money”, then “Nulla happens”, “Cashmere” and “Salvador Dali”. Then an introduction for the next song: “Brother, this song has been in the charts for years… it came out seven years ago but it’s very current” says Marracash. “Insta Lova” starts, and on the screens you can see images of hands and cell phones. But, if we think about it, today – even more than 2016 – “it’s the era of sharing, brother!”. Happy to share the same stage for such a special occasion, Marra and Gué also manage to bring two scooters on stage when the notes of “Scooteroni” start, then “Brivido” and the closing with “Love”, a song from 2021 and part of the album “Noi, lui, gli altri”, Tenco award for Best Album overall, in 2022.

It’s time to say goodbye, Gué and Marra hug each other: “I love you, brother” they say to each other.

There is no story for anyone

The third part of Marrageddon begins with “Io” sung by a very good Mahmood, who gives chills with his voice and his wonder. Mahmood who remains on stage for “Crazy Love” and Marra thanks him heartily. A third part that sees Marracash begin with “Body parts” hanging high, and then go down and continue the live show, as if nothing had happened. It’s talent, baby. With “Pagliaccio” there is also the tenor Cristobal Campos, while on the notes of “Nemesi” we glimpse Blanco entering, and then exploding in the song. It’s beautiful how all these artists that Marra wanted with him on stage want to thank him for this opportunity and for taking part in an event that, officially, is already history. Madame’s elegance can be seen and felt when she shares the stage with King Marracash for “Madame – L’anima”. For “Sport”, a 2020 song, Paky and Lazza arrive. The closing is with “Cruella”, the icing on the cake is “64 bars”, which closes the Marrageddon date in Milan. It will be repeated on September 30th in Naples. Go there, it’s a unique experience.

The ladder

Intro – Badamum Cha Cha

King of rap


Popular – New Pope

Sometimes I exaggerate – Psalm

Criminal rapper

Crumbs were enough


Catatonic – So far so good


No Love Songs – Outro

Intro Santeria – Guè


Nothing happens


Salvador Dali



Smith & Wesson

Something to believe in

Almost friends – Scooteroni



Me – Mahmood

Body parts

Crazy Love

Good at falling

Clown – with tenor Cristobal Campos


Nemesis – with Blanco

Honorary degree


Madame – The soul with Madame


Sport – with Lazza and Paky


64 Bars