Marriage at first sight 7, the discussion breaks out between Martina and Davide: she goes away from her husband

Marriage at first sight 7, the discussion breaks out between Davide and Martina during the reunion: she goes away.

Marriage at first sight has reached its seventh edition and we are almost at the end. Jessica and Sergio, Martina with Davide and Dalila and Manuel they were the protagonists and gave us so many emotions.

Marriage at first sight, Martina and Davide discuss the reunion: she goes away (source youtube)

Not for all three couples it went in the best way. Martina and Davide and Manuel with Dalila have almost finished the experiment with distance and not wanting to continue. Obviously, this is all to be seen in the final installment. Last Tuesday we attended the couples reunion, and right here, there was a very heated confrontation between Davide and his wife. But what happened? Let’s go into the details.

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Marriage at first sight 7, Martina and Davide: after the discussion she leaves

Martina and Davide di Matrimonio at first sight they started this journey together in a serene way. In no time at all, however, between the two, everything changed. The bride has repeatedly expressed her annoyance at the man’s attitude, too affectionate, so much so as to define him as ‘a mussel’.

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When the cohabitation began, the first quarrels immediately arrived. Martina was greeted by a note with flowers and did not appreciate Davide’s words very much. He found his attachment excessive. The fact is that they have not fully lived coexistence. Last Tuesday there was a reunion of all the couples and the two appeared, as always, distant. At the end of the episode, Davide and Martina met for breakfast, alone. Here, the man asked the woman about a possible meeting before the choice and found no answer.

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David then asked his wife why his attitudes are not liked and if there cannot be a meeting place. In particular, referring to the fact that in the morning he woke up enthusiastic several times and immediately started asking questions and talking. Behaviors that strongly annoy the bride. The latter has said several times: “Why do you have to break me in the morning …”, and at that point she went away, very angry.