Marriage at first sight 9, who are the couples of the new edition

Marriage at first sight, who are the couples of the new edition and what they do in life.

Wedding at first sight is one of the most loved and followed programs broadcast on Real time. We have reached the ninth edition. In recent years it has had a strong success. Viewers let themselves be overwhelmed by what happened between the protagonist couples. To choose who participates and to form the respective couples are Nada Loffredi, Mario Abis and Andrea Favaretto. After choosing them, the three experts follow them along the way.

Marriage at first sight (credits: instgram)

The bride and groom meet for the first time just before the yes. After becoming husband and wife and having celebrated the celebration, they leave for the honeymoon that lasts a few days. They thus have the opportunity to start acquaintance and understand whether or not there may be a first interest. Then comes coexistence, one of the most difficult points to deal with. Only at the end of the experiment will they have to decide whether to stay together as husband and wife or to separate.

There is also the episode of ‘Marriage at first sight and then’, where we find out what happened between them after several months and often, in this episode there is the twist. On October 26, the new edition starts on real time and has been broadcast on Discovery plus in recent months. Let’s find out who the couples are.

Marriage at first sight 9, Wednesday 26 October: who are the couples of the new edition

The three experts of Wedding at first sight, Nada Loffredi, Mario Abis and Andrea Favaretto chose the protagonists of the new edition and formed the couples. We will follow three different paths, as has always happened before.

wedding at first sight couples
Who are couples (credits: instagram)

Michela and Alex are a first couple. She is 34 years old, she is from Rome and in her life she is a midwife. She is taking a second degree. She is an only child, and is very attached to her mother and grandparents. She is a sensitive person but at the same time very strong. She is a fan of Latin American dances. Another great passion of her is traveling. Beside Michela is Alex, also 34, who makes deliveries for a private company. He is related to his parents who are separated and to his younger sister. He loves animals and is a Roma fan.

The second pair is made up of Carolina and Lucas. The bride works in a bar. She is 30 years old and comes from Verona. She is very attached to her family, especially her siblings. She is a huge sports fan. Lucas, on the other hand, is 35 years old and comes from Castiglione delle Stiviere. After his studies he established himself as an art curator.

Finally there are Solange and Michele, who are respectively 33 and 29 years old. The bride is from Nova Milanese. She is a nurse in her life and she is a very deep and sensitive person. Michele is from Turin, has a degree in physical education and works as a personal trainer.

These are the three marriage couples at first sight 9.