Marriage at first sight, choice: what happened between Antonio and Giorgia

Marriage at first sight: what happened to Antonio and Giorgia’s final choice.

Marriage at first sight has come to an end. The social experiment also saw three couples as protagonists in this edition. Antonio and Giorgia, Mattia and Cristina and Giorgia and Gianluca they traveled this journey together.

Marriage at first sight, what happened to the final choice between Antonio and Giorgia (Credits: youtube)

The couple of the eighth edition that immediately appeared very close is the one formed by Antonio and Giorgia. Many similar in character immediately found each other. During the honeymoon, the bride began to complain that her husband’s exuberance was perhaps excessive. Once coexistence started, everything changed. When there was that step forward even in the intimacy between the two, the tension dissolved and over the days it would seem that they found greater complicity. But what happened to the final choice?

Marriage at first sight, what happened to the final choice between Giorgia and Antonio

Antonio and Giorgia are the couple of the eighth edition of Marriage at first sight who more than the others appeared to be complicit. Already from the ceremony they found each other, indeed, already at the moment of yes. During the honeymoon between laughter and smiles there was no lack of small squabbles. When coexistence began, the bond gradually became stronger.

If at the beginning we saw more of a friendship relationship and the protagonists themselves noticed this affection, over the days there was a total evolution. Arrived at the final choice, what happened? Antonio said that compared to Giorgia he unlocked a little earlier and sought more contact. The bride said she did things she didn’t believe were possible: “When we saw the wedding album, I was particularly moved by a photo where we were all, my family and his … looking at it I thought it was a team “. The bride also said they suffer a little from the distance.

antonio and giorgia
Credits: youtube

When asked by Nada Loffredi what she wanted to do with this experience, she first ironically said no to play a joke on Antonio and then replied: “Absolutely yes”. The groom, amused by the moment, made it clear that he wanted to play the same joke on Giorgia: “He stole my joke. Yes, I’m there “. Well Giorgia and Antonio also continued in the marriage. However, the final episode is missing, Marriage at first sight and then, where we will find out what happened after months.