Marriage at first sight, it happened before the yes: Antonio cannot believe it, he is the one who arrives

Marriage at first sight, unexpected surprise for Antonio just before the ceremony: did you see what happened?

A new edition of Marriage at first sight has begun. Andrea Favaretto, Nada Loffredi and Mario Abis, based on interviews, common traits, aptitude and psychological tests, formed the couples at the table.

Surprise for Antonio, the husband of Marriage at first sight: have you seen what happened? (source youtube)

But who are the protagonists? Mattia and Cristina, Gianluca and Giorgia and Antonio and Giorgia form the three pairs. Well, as we have mentioned above, for Antonio there is a surprise waiting for him even before the celebration of the wedding. The groom comes from a small village in the province of Lecce. He says it’s not for everyone to live in a place where only two thousand inhabitants live, but he likes it. He works as a representative in pharmacies but also teaches horse riding. Well, coming back to us, there is an unexpected surprise for him: let’s see what happened.

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Marriage at first sight, it happened before the yes: Antonio arrives to welcome him

Marriage at first sight is a very popular format that has been on the air for several years. This year it has reached its eighth edition and expectations are very high, after the success of the previous one. Recall that in the seventh edition only Jessica and Sergio remained together and decided to join their paths.

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The experts once again chose the protagonists and formed the three couples. Antonio and Giorgia are one of the couples of the Real Time format. As mentioned above, for the groom there is a surprise that amazes him even before the celebration. Ready to go to the place where he will say yes, he goes to the taxi that will accompany him. But someone special is waiting for him.

antonio and francesco wedding at first sight
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Have you noticed? ANDwell, it’s him, Francesco, the former protagonist of Marriage at first sight. We saw him in the sixth edition and he was joined by Martina. Do you remember what happened between them? The couple have decided to continue their marriage and today, after two years, they are more in love than ever. Antonio when he saw the man was very surprised: “A special day and a special taxi driver”, said Francesco. The latter tried to dispense advice, talking about his marriage, and saying not to stop at the first difficulty. A very exciting meeting, the groom certainly did not expect it.