Marriage at first sight, what happened between Cristina and Mattia: after the yes everything changes

Marriage at first sight, Mattia and Cristina are a couple of the new edition: have you seen what happened between them?

The couples of the new edition of Wedding at first sight I’m Antonio and Giorgia, Gianluca and Giorgia and Cristina with Mattia. The protagonists were chosen on the basis of interviews, common traits, aptitude and psychological tests by the experts and then put together.

Marriage at first sight, between Cristina and Mattia after a first moment of doubts on the part of the bride, something changes (Credits: youtube)

Shortly before the yes they met for the first time. It was an unsettling encounter for everyone, but as the hours went by together something changed. The tension has dissolved and the complicity, not for everyone, has made itself felt. One of the couples who is certainly showing that they are very in tune are Mattia and Cristina. If at first the bride was assailed by her doubts and fears, she slowly melted and she found harmony with the groom. But what happened between the two immediately after the wedding dinner?

Mattia and Cristina di Matrimonio at first sight: what happened after the wedding lunch

Cristina and Mattia are a wedding couple at first sight. While the groom was particularly struck by her beauty when he saw the woman, Cristina had a different first impression. Backstage she cried saying that she outside she would never look at him.

But it was a matter of moments, because already during the photo shoot everything would seem to have changed. The wedding dinner was very nice, and the embarrassment was strong. Now the couple are on their honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast. But what happened between the two?

mattia and cristina
Credits: youtube

We have seen that there is a different interest than other couples. While they were on the terrace, Mattia revealed several times that he wanted to hug her, that he wanted her close. Cristina also came very close to the groom, with very sweet gestures and words. Nothing happened between the two on their wedding night, Mattia said it wouldn’t be right, because it wouldn’t be spontaneous but forced by the situation. There is a certain harmony between the two, how will the journey continue?