Mars, here are the first selfies of the Chinese rover Zhurong: the shot with the flag of Beijing

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has published some shots of the first rover of the Asian giant, Zhurong, which landed on Mars on May 15th. The Chinese national flag can also be clearly seen on the vehicle in the photos. A mission that managed to combine space travel, entry into orbit and descent all in one go (the video of the Chinese rover).

Images from the Red Planet

The shots were shown during a ceremony in Beijing. You can clearly see the docking area and the typical Martian landscape seen in other shots taken by different rovers. An image taken by Zhurong also shows the landing pad and a Chinese national flag on the landing pad. A photo taken by the rover as it moved south-southeast about twenty feet. Zhurong is equipped with a detachable camera which he used to take his selfies on Mars.

According to the CNSA, the rocks at the site where the probe is present have the density and size that was expected. Motivation that also explains the successful landing of the probe and the movements of the probe.