Mars, the blue desert of the “Aram Chaos” crater: spectacular images from NASA. VIDEO

Known as the “red planet”, Mars reveals, among the dunes and deserts still to be explored, a hue never observed before: blue. NASA’s Reconnaissance Orbiter orbiting probe has captured, through the powerful Hirise camera, the detailed images inside the “Aram Chaos” crater. As shown in the video “Chaos, Reconsidered”, the extraterrestrial environment shows shades of blue in the rock of basalt. According to scientists, volcanic activity has generated dry riverbeds of unprecedented color. The team leading Hirise explains that the uneven surface of “Aram” is caused by molten rock or underground water movement.

Discovering the Jezero crater

Meanwhile the Perseverance rover, launched by NASA on July 30 three years ago and arrived on Mars on February 18, 2021, continues the exploration of the Jezero crater. After recording the sound of “dust devils” for the first time, the probe continues its search for traces of early life in places such as an ancient river delta. And we are already wondering what surprises the now former “red planet” still has in store.