Marshal Lombardo dies, ‘Rocco Chinnici’ legal pools are born

The ‘Rocchi Chinnici’ pool was born, made up of a group of lawyers, to “shed light” on the death of Carabinieri Marshal Antonino Lombardo, found lifeless in his car on 4 March 1995 in the Carabinieri barracks which today is named after the general Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa. Since then a long trail of mysteries and investigations ended with nothing done. For the defensive investigations relating to the murder of Marshal Antonino Lombardo, a technical working group was created, named after the magistrate Rocco Chinnici killed by the mafia. The pool is formed by the lawyer Salvatore Traina, defender of the family of Marshal Antonino Lombardo and by the lawyers Giada Traina, Dario D’Agostino, Manuela Gargano, and makes use of the contribution of Rosalba Di Gregorio, historical protagonist of many judicial battles; in the “Rocco Chinnici” pool also the graphological expert Valentina Pierro, the ballistics expert Gianfranco Guccia, the journalist Roberto Greco, the Marshal Major of the Carabinieri Salvatore Cassarà. The writer and director Aldo Sarullo is also part of it, “who was also a witness – in the TV studio of “Tempo Reale” – of the initial delegitimization to the detriment of the Lombard Marshal”, they say from the pool.

The lawyer Salvatore Traina commented as follows: “We have identified the possible perpetrators of the murder. We have also identified the motive for the murder, very different from the one assumed so far in order to sidetrack the investigation. We will keep the results of the investigations and also of the inspections and inspections that will take place in the near future, strictly confidential. We hope that the truth about the massacres and murders – closely connected – of that sad period experienced by all of Italy will soon be known and that those responsible will pay for the crimes committed”.