Martelli and Signorile remember Antonio Landolfi, a ‘liberal, libertarian and guarantor’ socialist

On December 14, the presentation of Michele Drosi’s book on the PSI manager, also attended by Fabrizio Cicchitto, Paolo Franchi and Giosi Mancini

‘Antonio Landolfi. Socialist, liberal, libertarian, guarantor ‘, written by Michele Drosi, is the book that will be presented on 14 December at 5 pm in the conference room of the Treccani Encyclopedia Institute (piazza della Enciclopedia Italiana 4), in Rome.

The dialogue with the author will be Fabrizio Cicchitto, Paolo Franchi, Giosi Mancini, Claudio Martelli, Claudio Signorile and the ‘Domani’ journalist Daniela Preziosi will coordinate the meeting. During the event Leonardo Musci, scientific director of the historical archive of the Giuseppe Di Vagno Foundation, will present the Landolfi fund.

Liberal socialist, leader of the PSI and author of essays and books that represent milestones of Italian political development and also cornerstones in the economic field, Landolfi was always in the front row for the affirmation of the reformist culture. His ideas, still valid and current, have been able to indicate a horizon of progress and freedom. The book by Drosi, which collects among others the testimonies of Bobo Craxi, Ugo Intini, Emanuele Macaluso, Giacomo Mancini, Franco Piperno, Gianni Pittella, Sergio Talamo, Marco Villani, tries to outline what according to Landolfi were the salient stages of the socialism and what should be the contents of an effective political approach that places freedom, solidarity and equality at the center.