Martin Scorsese in Rome spoke about Bernardo Bertolucci and Federico Fellini

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Rome is proud to celebrate the teacher Martin Scorsese, one of the greatest directors of all time”. Robert Gualtierimayor of the capital, paid homage to the Oscar-winning artist on social media who presented yesterday at the Cinema house the review White paper, made up of pairs of films chosen by him and formed by a title from his own filmography and a work that has been a source of inspiration for his work. “A truly unique filmmaker, who knew how to be a lover and lover of the history of cinema and, at the same time, a visionary and an extraordinary innovator” Gualtieri wrote again. The master, 80 years old, fresh from the success of the new film Killers of the Flower Moon at the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival (THE SPECIAL), untied the knots of the beauty of the masterpieces, some of which were selected simply because “any excuse is good to take you to see these films“, as Shadows by John Cassavetes e Who is knocking on my doorothers instead because they deal with “of valuesand how a slightly reckless man, but who poses as a mentor, tries to corrupt a younger man”, like those “alive” and current both in the period after the Second World War and in the present day of the Overtaking by Dino Risi and de The color of moneyand all without trying to get viewers to think “that one was as good as the other: why Death runs on the river [di Charles Laughton, ndr] it is an unattainable masterpiece. My Cape Fear – The cape of fear it was an attempt to enter the thriller, horror genre. That’s the only reason I approached them.”


Scorsese’s invitation to cinema began with the first pair of masterpieces formed by Mean Streets – Sunday in Church, Monday in Hella film that the director made in 1973 when he was still a student at New York University and which he did not imagine would be released in theaters, and from Before the Revolution by Bernardo Bertolucci. In the first, “the improvisation was Robert De Niro’s idea” the maestro recounted, amused. “He wanted to show me that he knew those neighborhoods, that he knew how to get by despite all his debts, and that he knew the language of those, indeed bad, streets of New York”. On the occasion of the premiere of the film at the New York Film Festival, journalists had asked Scorsese’s parents for an opinion on the result, so convincing that “my mother replied:” I want you to know that nobody in our house uses that language, I don’t know where learned it”. The second, however, presented at the same film festival when Scorsese was just 24 years old, “it touched and moved me deeply. Not for political reasons, because I didn’t know that context then. For me the film is about people”. Bertolucci himself was present at the screening, “e I looked at him as if he were a god. Is by ambition because I wanted to be like him, and because I was overwhelmed by the beauty of his film. And I tried and tried to do as he did, and it took years.” Among the many masterpieces admired by the filmmaker, “the impulse to createwhich has always been there, came from that film”.


In dialogue with the President of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma Gian Luca Farinelli, the director also recalled the first meeting with Federico Fellini, happened 53 years ago in Sorrento. On the occasion of a subsequent visit to the capital, Scorsese deepened his knowledge: “Master, I told him, I have kept the Sistine Chapel and you as my last appointments in these days of mine in Rome”. And someone in the room said to him: “Federico, you have become a boring old monument”. Towards the end of Fellini’s life, “we had managed to find financing at Universal for a documentary to do together on the professions of cinema, like the producer, from whom he would have liked to start, the actor, the editor. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after.”


The meetings with Scorsese, who also held a masterclass on May 29 for the students of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, will continue on June 2nd to Bologna where the master, who recently announced a Pope francesco the intent to turn a movie on the figure of Jesuswill present the film Those good guys.