Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon will run for 3 hours and 26 minutes

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Martin Scorsese movie fans can rejoice: Killers of the Flower Moonthe Italian-American filmmaker’s latest work will be one very long showconfirms it Deadlines who spread the duration of the final assembly of the director expected at the next Cannes Film Festival.
The duration of the director’s latest effort of Taxi Driver will be three hours and twenty-six minutesthat is, two hundred and six minutes, a length slightly less than that of The Irishman2019 film with Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro which lasts two hundred and nine minutes.

Not Martin Scorsese’s longest film

Although with this film Scorsese failed to break the personal record of minutes of filming, leaving the biographical The Irishman The primacy of longer title of his extensive cinematography, the octogenarian can still be said to be very satisfied with Killers of the Flower Moon which certainly promises to be full of events, characters and twists, a feeling that is also confirmed by the duration of the film, unveiled by the sector media a few weeks before the start of the seventy-sixth edition of Cannes, a film festival which will host the world premiere screening of movie.

Killers of the Flower Moon: the plot and the cast

The length of Scorsese’s new film had been a topic of debate among admirers of his cinema not only because of the more recent titles in the author’s filmography (The Irishman but also The Wolf of Wall Street which lasts one hundred and eighty minutes), but also in consideration of the density of the story narrated in it The killers of the red earth, novel of non-fiction of the journalist David Grann from which the subject of the film is taken which was adapted by Scorsese together with Eric Roth.
The plot, which recounts the Oklahoma serial murders of the 1920s in what is remembered as “the reign of terror”, is animated by the presence of a thick cast headed by Leonardo Dicaprio with Robert DeNiro And Jesse Plemons to which they are added Lily GladstoneCara Jade Myers, JaNae Collins, Jillian Dion and Tantoo Cardinal.
Produced, among others, also by Scorsese, Killers of the Flower Moonafter the special screening a Cannes scheduled for May, 20thwill hit theaters in the fall before landing streaming on Apple+ (it will also be visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick).
Among the reasons of interest, in addition to the plot and the cast, the particularity of the genre, a western quite unedited for its maker, and many other enjoyable moments, not least the credits which promise to be unmissable.