Martina Colombari says: “I had emergency abdominal surgery”

Martina Colombari underwent emergency abdominal surgery. The same model and actress, former Miss Italy, announced the news with a story published on Instagram in which she is seen on the hospital bed. The model said she had peritonitis and reassured her followers by saying she was already better than her. Colombari thanked the doctors and staff of the Ceccarini hospital in Riccione: “They pampered me, treated me and saved me”.

The video on Instagram

Martina Colombari appears in the video lying in bed with eyeglasses, a little tired but in good condition. “Good morning, if I disappeared these days it’s because I was in hospital, luckily they’re releasing me today”, she explains in the video.


The model and actress continued: “I had an emergency operation on my abdomen. A bit of a patatrack in peritonitis, I was admitted to the Ceccarini hospital in Riccione. I was here to visit my parents”. Then the thanks to “all Dr. Lucchi’s staff, the nurses and the nurses” and the reassurance to the fans: “Now little by little I will recover”.