Martina, ‘environmental change should not be against agriculture’

‘Since the first pandemic, 122 million more in the malnutrition area, also intervene in global finance against speculation’

“Europe is a food giant. Which exports unheard-of figures to the world. We must find more advanced and fairer compromises and balances. Europe must lead the environmental change, which however is not done against agriculture. We need to keep the environment and agriculture together. The more they polarize, the more damage is done to agriculture and the environment is not helped”. Maurizio Martina, deputy director general of FAO, said this when speaking at the Ancc-Coop Assembly.

“Since before the pandemic, today there are 122 million more people suffering from malnutrition. I must say – he adds – that there are some interesting signs, because the situation has stabilized in Asia and Latin America, while in Africa the The situation remains worrying, indeed it worsens more and more. All this also due to a climatic upheaval that becomes the norm, becomes structural. And this concerns the Mediterranean in particular: here more than elsewhere the structural characteristics of natural calamitous and meteorological events occur. These phenomena are increasingly frequent and more intense. This is the new normal”.

“But even the stability of agri-food systems, which is the concept of the supply chain, cannot be dissociated from those elements of the system that allow a structure to hold up or not,” says Martina.

“And in this sense, useful reforms could be introduced, for example in the field of global finance. In this field there have been destructive effects, for example in the case of futures on agricultural goods. Born with the sacrosanct intention to give stability and equilibrium , today they have become a formidable tool also, I’m not just saying but also to speculate”, he underlines.