Martina Scialdone, ordinance: “Bonaiuti had only one goal: to kill her”

The investigating judge: “Solid and irrefutable evidence”. Brother: “He shot her in front of me”

For the judge it “clearly and unequivocally emerged that the only objective, pursued by Bonaiuti, was exclusively to kill Scialdone“. This is what the investigating judge Simona Calegari writes in the order validating the arrest and applying for precautionary custody in prison for the 61-year-old engineer, arrested by the police after shooting Martina Scialdone, the 34-year-old lawyer years old killed on Friday evening outside a restaurant in via Amelia al Tuscolano in Rome. “In fact, this is evident not only from the methods of carrying out the events as described by the victim’s brother, an eyewitness, but also from the fact that Bonaiuti, although able , even after the event to turn the weapon towards himself, he with extreme lucidity, once he killed the woman, directed his action exclusively to escape”.

The Rome prosecutor’s office, with the prosecutors of the anti-violence pool coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Michele Prestipino, charges Bonaiuti with voluntary homicide aggravated by premeditation, by futile and abject reasons, represented by jealousy and by having acted against a person related to him from an emotional relationship.

Against Costantino Bonaiuti emerges “a circumstantial panorama so consistent and solid as to be considered, already in the state, almost irrefutable in the continuation of the investigative activity” underlines the investigating judge. From the testimonies collected, it emerges that Bonaiuti did not usually carry weapons with him, “except for sporting purposes”. “This circumstance contributes to deeming it reasonably probable that “Bonaiuti, aware of the will of his partner to want to definitively interrupt the relationship and discovered the new acquaintance” of the girl “had gone to the last appointment with the victim, prearrangedly bringing the weapon with him , with which he then shot and killed her.”

Martina’s brother was an eyewitness to the murder. The fact emerges from the precautionary custody order issued by the investigating judge of Rome against the 61-year-old. The ordinance cites the testimony of the brother who recounts the moments of the dispute between the two. “I realized the reason they were fighting was because she had told him she had to leave him” reports the victim’s brother. “When he got out of the car, he held her by the arm and I got in the way – explains the witness – trying to divide them to take Martina away. The moment I managed to pull them apart, he took out his gun and fired. It lasted a split second, I saw her aim at chest height and then fired. I was maybe a meter away from her.”