Martines (Parma): “Club and new Tardini stadium, innovative, sustainable and with a digital ecosystem”

“I am absolutely new to the world of football, I have been doing retail for many years, especially digital. Surely there are a number of connecting elements, as well as elements of difference. The first point is the management of football clubs today, which is is much closer to the corporate world of organized realities, where planning and execution processes have become extremely important elements. Having worked in companies with a corporate structure today helps me to set up and manage work at Parma Calcio in a similar way. communication and marketing, albeit with different dimensions, are very similar. It’s about being relevant to your fans and trying to bring the echo of your club beyond the regional borders, to speak to as wide an audience as possible. ” These are the words of Luca Martines, the new Corporate Managing Director of Parma calcio at Adnkronos.

The club that currently plays in Serie B is betting a lot on the new project of the Tardini stadium in which it is investing a lot. A strategic asset for Parma president Kyle J. Krause who has placed at the center of the ‘American revolution’ since the beginning of his arrival. “The project for the new Tardini stadium was carried out with the Municipality of Parma, it is at a fairly advanced stage. The idea is to be respectful of what is a historical monument, this year the Tardini celebrates 100 years. So this year the Tardini celebrates 100 years. in defining the new stadium the element of conservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage was very important – Martines underlined -. To be in line with the spirit of the times, there is also a theme of sustainability and environmental impact that has been enhanced in the conception of the structure of the new stadium. Last but not least, and in line with the spirit of the times, there is the desire to create an omnichannel digital ecosystem that is able to transform the experience in the stadium, from that of 90s to a form of fun within fun, with digital and personalized content that can offer a new experience. The desire is to give added value to the community and to the co The connectivity that lives near the stadium, being a facility in the city center “.