Martinez’s ‘phallic’ gold glove wins in the Top Ten Bad Words 2022

Linguistics scholar Vito Tartamella to Adnkronos: “Many notable episodes were found in this year’s ranking, in many cases of global resonance”

In the 2022 profanity of the year ranking, now in its 15th edition, “there are many notable episodes, in many cases of global resonance”. Thus, the linguistics scholar Vito Tartamella anticipates this year’s Top Ten swear words to Adnkronos, who is preparing to publish the historic selection of episodes and foul language that have marked the year that is about to end. And it is Emiliano Martinez’s ‘hand gesture’ at the Qatar World Cup, his golden glove which becomes a “reaction foul”, which conquers the podium of the funniest insults and vulgarities selected by the Italian scholar, one of the very few in the world swear word expert.

On the other hand, the second place went to president Silvio Berlusconi who, last December, promised ‘a prize in kind’ to the Monza players in the event of a victory over Juventus or Milan. “I’ll get you a trie bus to the locker room,” said the president at Christmas lunch. “This year too I made the ranking of the 10 most emblematic insults of 2022. A black year, between Covid, war, financial speculation and inflation. There are no surveys in this regard, but I believe that the high gas and electricity bills will increased the frequency of cursing all over the world” jokes Tartamella.

“And the World Cup, usually a moment of great aggregation, – observes the profanity expert – were poisoned by Italy’s non-participation and by the scandal over the alleged corruption of European politicians by Qatar”. Of all this – and more – there is a trace in the ranking of profanity of the year arriving on in which I report many notable episodes, in many cases of global resonance” underlines Tartamella.

The gold medal of the Top Ten of swear words 2022 sees the World Cup final in Qatar in the foreground. At the end of an epic, hard-fought match that would go down in football anthologies, Argentina managed to win in the penalty shoot-out against France. In addition to Lionel Messi’s exploits, the Latin American team also owes its victory to the skill of goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez: he saved a tricky shot from Kolo Muani in the 120th minute, but above all he saved Kingsley Coman’s penalty thus sealing Argentina’s victory . Inevitable that he was awarded the Golden Glove, the prize for the best goalkeeper.

But, points out Tartamella, when he collected the trophy, Martinez placed it on his crotch in an unequivocal gesture: the equivalent of the middle finger, a phallic mocking gesture which means “‘this ca…zo’, a performance of phallic dominance (like ‘I have the longest dick of all’) or a threat of mounting (the vaffa). Whatever the meaning, a blatantly offensive gesture. The reason for such a blatantly vulgar gesture? “I did it because the French booed me. Arrogance doesn’t work with me,” said the footballer. The silver medal is won by Berlusconi and his joke at the Christmas greetings dinner at the Brianteo Stadium in Monza: the managers and the team are in the presence of the sponsors. “President Silvio Berlusconi, who bought the team in 2018, bringing it to Serie A for the first time in 2022, gives a motivational speech” recalls Tartamella.

“We found – says the former prime minister – a new coach who was the coach of our spring team: he’s good, nice, kind and capable of stimulating our boys. I put in extra stimulation, because the boys who they’ve come here now I said: ‘Juventus, Milan, etc. are coming now and if you win with one of these great teams I’ll bring a bus full of sluts to the locker room'”. Laughter in the room. “For an 86-year-old man it’s a remarkable statement: a hyperbole so exaggerated as to become comical,” observes Tartamella. Finally, the bronze goes to Will Smith. Los Angeles, March 27, 2022, night of the Oscars: Smith gives a rude answer to comedian Chris Rock who had joked about his wife Jada Pinkett’s shaved head. “Because of his reaction, actor Will Smith was banned from the Oscars and all other Academy events for 10 years” Tartamella cuts short.