Marvel Studios launches Marvel Spotlight for films and series independent of the MCU

News in sight for fans of the stories of the MCU, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will also interest all spectators who do not know by heart all the connections that make the adventures of the characters taken from the Marvel comics a great story that is divided between films and series TV.
From this season forward, Marvel Studios will create products that will be grouped under one new label, Marvel Spotlightwhich will bring together films and television series with one less continuity with the previous storiesthat is, those of the broader MCU.
For the label there is already a new one logo and a new soundtrack which is signed by the Oscar winner Michael Giacchinoalready composer of some of the most recent and famous music for Marvel titles.

Marvel Spotlight: Independent, smaller stories

The advance screening of the first two episodes of Echothe new Marvel Studios series which will arrive in streaming starting next January 10th, was an opportunity to Brad Winderbaumhead of the Studios’ streaming division, to introduce Marvel Spotlight, a label that will give studios the opportunity to create Marvel products independent character which, however, can capture a person’s attention wider and more adult audience.
You don’t need to have seen every Marvel Studios production, old or new, to enjoy the experience of a Marvel Spotlight story. Even newcomers to the genre will be able to approach the product, film or series, without getting lost in the plot And among the references to characters and events that happened in another title.
The adventures of the Marvel Spotlight label, a designation that comes directly from the world of comics of the Seventies and Eighties of the House of Ideas, more specifically series dedicated to minor characters, would, in fact, be an authorized foray into a smaller, more concrete story, which goes beyond the overall narrative universe.
Therefore, the reboot of could fall into this subcategory Ghost Rider but also Daredevil: Born Againtwo titles whose fate is still in the balance regardless of the suspension of work due to the Hollywood strikes. EchoInstead, is partially included in this new categorization.

Echospin-off of Hawk eye and a story in itself

Echothe television series starring Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez/Echo, of which the official trailer was recently released, does not tell a story completely independent from the previous ones. The spectators of Hawkeye (in Italy, Hawk eye), in fact, they will remember the character’s debut in the last episodes of the show with Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld which aired in 2021.
In the presentation, which took place at the same time as the viewing of the first episodes of the new show, Winderbaum specified that the story of Maya Lopez, the deaf Native American heroine who will fight against the criminal empire of Fisk (played by Vincent D’Onofrio), in in any case, it is suitable even to a audience who has never seen anything from Marvel Studios. The only characteristic that the public will have to possess is age-related: Echo is a series intended for an adult audience.

To underline the passage, which sounds a bit like a revolution at Marvel, whose strength has always also been in the continuity of the macro-story, Echo it will be distributed in its entirety on its debut date. The January 10th Disney+ audiences will be able to stream all five episodes of the show, which – we remember – will also be available on Sky Q, Sky Glass and Now via the Smart Stick app.