Marvel’s Midnights Suns, the review

A band of Marvel superheroes in the strategy RPG from the creators of XCOM

There is no doubt that it is a golden moment for video games related to the Marvel world, and although this quantity often leads to missteps in products of little thickness, at the same time the software houses have the opportunity to experiment with new genres in addition to usual action adventures. Midnight Suns is a strategy developed by the same team responsible for the reboot of XCOM, with which it has several points in common but also major differences. The game is loosely based on The Rise of The Midnight Sons, a 1990s comic saga that featured a series of lesser Marvel heroes teaming up against Lilith, the mother of demons. In the game, the cast is much richer and includes top heroes such as Iron Man and Woverine, with more to be added later as DLC.

In the game you don’t play as a particular Marvel hero, but one built from scratch and that constitutes the demonic spawn that rebels against their mother Lilith with the help of Marvel heroes from different eras. The story is long and well articulated and unfolds for at least 60 hours of play, with a multitude of properly characterized characters. As far as the game structure is concerned, this Midnight Suns prefers a free arrangement and the use of cards to the grid system with direct commands of XCOM 2, with a command per character for each turn. The system is only apparently simpler: it is true that there are just three moves available per turn, but chaining the effects of the cards will allow you to extend your action, so every fight will be a hard training of neurons.

Technically the game is quite good, even if its cross-gen DNA is clear. At the moment it is not yet available for last generation consoles or for Switch, but it will arrive on all platforms and it already works on PC even if it is not the latest trend. On last gen consoles the game is fluid, with some slight uncertainty of the framerate in the most excited moments and during the most spectacular moves. The characterization of the characters is also quite convincing, as is the dubbing, which unfortunately is not present in Italian (there are subtitles instead). Mifnight Suns is certainly an excellent “adult” Marvel game, an exciting game of chess that offers an overview of many characters in one go.

Format: PS5, Xbox Series X|S (version tested), PC publisher: 2K Games Developer: Firaxis Games Vote: 8/10