Mask case, Pivetti: “Never had anything to do with the Camorra”

The former president of the Chamber rejects press rumors regarding his relations with crime

“I have absolutely never had anything to do with the Camorra, nor have I ever had the behaviors that are freely attributed to me.” Irene Pivetti, former president of the Chamber, rejects press rumors about her relations with crime, relating to the affair of the ‘fake’ masks being investigated by the Busto Arsizio Prosecutor’s Office on the hypothesis of crimes including fraud in public supplies , embezzlement, money laundering and self-laundering. “I have no idea where these statements come from. It is pure defamation and slander”, says the former Northern League member to AdnKronos with reference to what is allegedly contained in the request for indictment of prosecutor Ciro Caramore, as emerged today in some newspapers, where there would be talk of his contacts with people close to Camorra clans.

“I have always acted with correctness, respect for the laws and, even before that, respect for people – he assures -. This mud without any real evidence, if anything, shows an accuser blinded by hatred, who does not honor the high institutional office he holds”. “However, I trust that common sense can still prevail, and close this whole story as soon as it deserves”, concludes Pivetti.