Masperi (to Sap Italia), with our Joule we bring generative into business processes

Today 26 thousand of our 500 thousand customers already use AI within their solutions”

Awareness about Artificial Intelligence “has grown exponentially in the last 12 months and for this we have to thank ChatGtp” and the “real news of recent years is generative AI” and “we with our co-pilot Joule are aiming to bringing generative AI into business processes”. This was said by Carla Masperi, CEO of Sap Italia, speaking at the discussion “Artificial intelligence, risks and opportunities” organized today by Adnkronos, at the Information Palace in Piazza Mastai.

“AI recalled Masperi – it has existed for many years, we remember at the end of the 90s the first chess games with robots or the first robot vacuum cleaners or the first industrial machines for logistics”. “Deep learning and machine learning – the CEO of Sap Italia further observed – are those approaches to AI that have been around for some time in the business world. Today 26 thousand of our 500 thousand customers already use AI internally of their solutions”. But “what is new – Masperi also indicated – is generative AI, the ability of AI to generate something new and not to investigate data and processes as has been done up to now”.

And this evolution, according to the top manager, “has presented companies with a very important opportunity and we now need to understand how they can enter the business”. “We have announced our co-pilot which is called Joule and our approach will be to bring generative Artificial Intelligence scenarios within business processes, within our solutions” remarked Masperi.