Massacre Bologna, wrath Bonaccini: “De Angelis ignoble”. Opposition calls for resignation

The president of the Emilia Romagna Region: “Come to Bologna and tell her these things. Looking in the eyes of the families of the victims of the fascist massacre”. Pd and Avs ask for resignations

“Ignoble and liar”. As the president of the Emilia Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini, defines Marcello De Angelis, posting an article that reports the declarations made by the institutional communication manager of the Lazio Region on the Bologna massacre (“I know for sure that Fioravanti, Mambro and Ciavardini had nothing to do with the Bologna massacre”, he had affirmed De Angelis). “Come to Bologna and tell her these things. Looking into the eyes of the families of the victims of the fascist massacre of August 2”, comments Bonaccini.


“What Marcello De Angelis, who today is not a simple citizen but is the spokesman for the institutional communication of the Lazio Region, wrote on his Facebook profile is serious and unacceptable. An attempt to rewrite the story of the Bologna massacre despite a black written judicial truth on white. We ask President Rocca to distance himself and De Angelis to take a step back: whoever writes certain things cannot guide the communication of our Region “, they write Daniele Leodori, secretary of the Lazio Pd and Mario Ciarla, leader of the Pd alla Pisana group.

“The distance of the president of the Lazio Rocca region from the statements of his spokesman who are of an unprecedented seriousness has not yet arrived, not only because he has questioned the sentences of the Italian courts, which with respect to the Bologna massacre have clearly ascertained the neo-fascist tracks and P2 lodge, but even more serious is that he said that magistrates and institutions are lying. Statements that come after the statements of the President of the Republic Mattarella, during the commemoration of the anniversary of the massacre, on the clear neo-fascist matrix”. So in a note Angelo Bonelli co-spokesman of Green Europe and deputy of AVS, who explains: “We don’t understand how this person can continue to be the spokesperson for the president of the Region”. “If this Marcello De Angelis is aware of new and relevant facts – then warns Bonelli- go to the prosecutor’s office. And in any case, we are waiting for President Rocca to immediately dismiss him from office because it is useless to think that De Angelis has the decency to resign”.

“What the Lazio Region spokesman Marcello De Angelis declared yesterday on the Bologna massacre is extremely serious and unacceptable”. They declare it in a note Marietta Tidei and Luciano Nobili, regional councilors of Azione-Italia Viva. “These are historically inconceivable considerations, which deny the neo-fascist origin of the attack ascertained by the sentences and at the same time represent an unacceptable attack against the Head of State, who just a few days ago expressed himself in unequivocal words on the matter. In expressing our closeness to the families of the victims of the massacre – conclude Tidei and Nobili – we believe it is right and indispensable that President Rocca clearly and clearly distances himself from the positions of his spokesman”.