Massacre Corinaldo, Fedez: “I don’t remember sprays at my concerts”

The rapper called to testify in the hearing of the bis trial on the massacre at the ‘Lanterna Azzurra Clubbing’ in the night between 7 and 8 December 2018

Fedez called to testify inhearing of the trial bis on the massacre at the ‘Lanterna Azzurra Clubbing’ in Corinaldo where, in the night between 7 and 8 December 2018, a young mother and five teenagers died. “I have to honestly say that I have done so many dates that I don’t have a clear recollection that would be of use to the court. I think I am quite comfortable in assuming that it was a quiet date, because I have had experiences of badly managed dates and that of the ‘ Lanterna’ is not among those criticisms”, he explained before the judge Francesca Pizzi. The rapper, who had performed in that disco on February 27, 2016, this morning in the courtroom of Ancona explained to prosecutor Paolo Gubinelli that “no, it has never happened to me in my artistic life that pepper spray has been sprayed”.

“I make my own small assessment – he then added – because I think this is connected to a certain typology of artists and a certain temporal typology. A long time ago there was no pepper spray trend but even when this unhealthy custom exploded, anyway, in no kind of my concert it was used, but I saw that other types of artists were involved, trap artists. The pepper spray events are concurrent with the explosion of the trap genre“.

“Surely on the club side there had to be certainty and knowledge of how many tickets had been sold. I find it surreal, strange, that there was not also on the other side”, added Fedez. To the civil party lawyers and the judges involved in identifying the responsibilities for safety inside and outside the club, structural of the concession for the public entertainment, he underlined: “Before the arrival of the artist, someone who takes the place of the management goes anyway to check the situation inside the club”.

Fedez twice at the Blue Lantern, he then added: “The worst case scenario (that of the desperate escape from the venue first and then of the death of the six spectators, ed) it could be predicted that there was a very high fee, a very low ticket price but above all the limited capacity of the venue”.

(Of Silvia Mancinelli)