Massacre Corinaldo, the story of Sfera Ebbasta: “On another occasion my concert was interrupted by spray”

The trapper witness in the trial for the massacre that took place in a club in December 2018

“In other circumstances, pepper spray was used, but without injuries. It also happened during one of my performances, the concert was interrupted for a quarter of an hour, I was on stage, people were let out but there was no there were consequences, the truth is that people were then brought back in and the concert resumed. I remember I was on stage when the thing happened. The performance had already begun, they all started to leave, it didn’t smell bad, but it didn’t you could breathe, your throat and eyes were burning, people were starting to get agitated. So the lights went on, we stopped and the club’s security guys opened the doors. But me, the moment they turned on the lights and realizing that it was necessary to clear out, I went backstage and I didn’t see the outflow start, but the show stopped”. It is the story that Gionata Boschetti, aka Sfera Ebbasta, told in the courtroom of Ancona, heard as a witness in the trial for the Corinaldo massacreon the night between 7 and 8 December 2018, when five teenagers and a young mother died in an attempt to leave the ‘Lanterna Azzurra’ club where pepper spray had been sprayed among the boys waiting for the trapper that evening in concert .

“When you go on stage you can’t understand how full it is, they usually tell us after that it’s sold out. In general, the requirements for the safety of the venue are substantially always more or less the same, obviously we hope that no one have pepper spray with you, it is also true that no one can check the pockets of those who enter,” he added. On the evening of the tragedy, the trapper never arrived at the ‘Blue Lantern’. “We were in the van, my manager was in the one in front of me. When we realized there were problems – the trapper continues – he approached the club on foot and there in front he saw the ambulances and the panic and warned me.”

(by Silvia Mancinelli)