Massacre Erba, judge condemns Azouz: he will have to compensate the Castagna brothers

He will have to pay 70 thousand euros

Azouz Marzouk, the man who lost his son Youssef and his wife Raffaella Castagna in the Erba massacre, was sentenced by the monocratic judge of Como Veronica Dal Pozzo to 2 years and 6 months for defamation and will have to pay 70 thousand euros (35 thousand euros each), Giuseppe and Pietro Castagna, brothers of one of the victims of the fury of Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi. The sentence concerns an article published on 15 February 2019 on the ‘’ website in which the man interviewed claimed that “whoever killed wanted my wife’s inheritance”. Words released despite the final life sentence for the massacre of 11 December 2006. That day in the court in via Diaz in Erba, also Paola Galli, Raffaella’s mother, and the neighbor died under the blows of a bar and a knife of the Valeria Cherubini house.

The judge accepted the thesis supported by the lawyers of the Castagna brothers, the lawyers Massimo Campa and Daniela Spandri, who in the complaint underline the only possible reading for those statements made online: “there is no doubt that the finger is pointed – in a very clear – against the Castagna family, and therefore Pietro and Giuseppe Castagna, brothers, sons and uncles of the victims of the brutal murder. There is no doubt that the accusation of the most serious of crimes is suitable for determining the crime of defamation”.