Massacre of Corinaldo, Emma’s father: “So let’s keep his memory alive”

‘From greed and neglect tragic effects, those who have played a role reflect’

Keep the memory of Emma, of her passion and her skills for writing, so that she is remembered for the girl she was and not simply as a victim of the massacre in ‘Lanterna Azzurra’ nightclub in Corinaldo where, on the night between 7 and 8 December 2018, he died together with others four very young (Asia, Benedetta, Mattia and Daniele) it’s at mother Eleonora accompanying her daughter to the concert. “We must keep the memory of our daughter alive so that this is not archived as one of the many Italian tragedies in which unknown people died of which we lose memory as if they were ordinary people”, he tells Adnkronos Fazio Fabini, Emma’s father, who had just turned fourteen and that evening went out for the first time to spend an evening with her classmates at the disco.

They were born on the Corinaldo massacre two judicial branches. The first from the investigation into the spray gang, accused of having sprayed the stinging spray in the nightclub, triggering panic to be able to rob those present, with first-degree sentences for the six defendants with sentences ranging from 10 to 12 years. The second linked to the investigation into the safety of the premises.

“AND’ silence or memory is more useful of the people who, because of who is still in court or who has been tried in the first instance, have been involved in this terrible tragedy – underlines Emma’s father three years after the disco massacre – For my family, December 8th is a day we would like to forget more than remembering. We expect respectful silence from the authorities, we don’t like the rhetoric of ‘it will never happen again‘because they should have thought of it first. ”

“In our case we tried to keep Emma’s memory alive through a literary contest and a book – explains Fazio Fabini – Emma had recently started classical high school, had attended other schools with excellent results, had an uncommon writing ability even according to her teachers. We have collected his school writings and the pages of his diary in a book, entitled ‘Memories do not save tears’, which we also presented at the Book Fair and which had a remarkable success “.

“In this vein we have set up an association, ‘Emma’s friends’, opened a Fb page and set up a literary competition for boys and adolescents “, he says. The first edition of the literary prize dedicated to Emma, ​​open to all girls and boys in the age group between 10 and 18 years, Italians or foreigners, for a dedicated story in Italian to the theme of remembrance, it ended with an award ceremony which took place at the Senigallia Theater on 30 September.

“It was the day when Emma would have turned 17 – emphasizes her father – the theater was full of her friends. It was a success and we are already preparing a second edition which, thanks to the contribution of the board of directors, will have a more national dimension. “. The winner of the award, an 18-year-old girl from San Benedetto del Tronto, was awarded the attendance at a writing course in a creative writing school. From the competition a book was born, ‘Emma, ​​the saved memory’, with the best 15 short stories selected. “It is an important initiative: for us it has the merit of remembering Emma for her talents and for the children and adolescents, her peers, it is a moment of growth”, underlines Fazio Fabini.

I wish those who played an active role in making sure this terrible tragedy would occur, had a day of reflection
December 8 on how much greed, carelessness and neglect can have tragic effects“, underlines Fazio Fabini. Tomorrow Emma’s friends will remember her in the gardens of the fortress of Senigallia:” It was their initiative and we will participate with pleasure “.

After all, in the judicial process, Emma’s father underlines, “the State is instituting a trial against the accused, but the victims no longer have a say, they forget who they were”. Emma, ​​Daniele, Asia, Mattia, Benedetta and mother Eleonora “need more respect. They are victims of a system that they did not help to establish – concludes Emma’s father – Who made sure that this system put an end to their lives he should not cry crocodile tears, but reflect “.