Massimiliano Rosolino, the drama of his wife: all really absurd

The ex swimmer Massimiliano Rosolino, told in an interview the drama that his wife is going through: all really absurd!

Massimiliano Rosolino is an Italian former swimmer and a television personality we have seen very often on television. Olympic champion and world champion, he has been incredibly successful over the years of his career. He holds over 30 national titles.

Massimiliano Rosolino, drama (Credits: instagram)

Class ’78, born in Naples. Water is the second habitat and through this he has in fact managed to bring out his own personality. The year 1996 marks the Olympic debut in the world of sport. We saw on TV the former swimmer in the role of special correspondent for Ilary Blasi at L’Isola dei Famosi. However, his tenure as an envoy to Honduras was not destined to last and long.

It is not only at L’Isola dei Famosi, however, that we have seen Massimiliano. In fact, some time before, a long time ago (in 2007 to be precise), the former swimmer participated in Dancing with the Stars and this is where his life changed. He has earned us a wedding ring from his participation in the program. He today he is the husband of the beautiful Natalia Titova. Interviewed by the weekly Nuovo, the former correspondent of L’isola dei Famosi told the drama lived by his wife. Words that confront a very complex situation.

Massimiliano Rosolino on his wife: “Natalia is very tried for everything that is happening”

It is to the microphones of the weekly Nuovo that Massimiliano Rosolinor wanted to tell the difficult moment that his wife, Natalia Titovais living in the latter period.

We live in a rather particular historical period. For some time now, unfortunately, there has been a war between Russia and Ukraine that has created distances that seem to have become unbridgeable. The news about the conflict comes every day, and these are not heartening at all. Although it seems that this is ‘distant’ from us, so much so that in some days the news of the gossip seems to take over current issues, the war is there and has created a wall that seems to be impassable. There are in Italy, and in other parts of the world, people who unfortunately are unable to get in touch with their distant loved ones and who unfortunately cannot reach them in these difficult conditions.

During the interview with the New Weekly, the former Olympic swimmer expressed with a clear message the dramatic situation that his wife Natalia is experiencing, who cannot reach her father in Russia. The man was the victim of a heart attack. This obviously alarmed her daughter, miles away. But the war, unfortunately, prevents her from joining him in Russia.

Natalia is very tried for everything that is happening: her father is not well and she cannot go to Russia to visit him precisely because of this terrible war“, Massimiliano told the weekly microphones.

Maximilian Rosolino
Massimiliano Rosolino, dramatic words (Credits: Instagram)

This led the couple to decide, given the dramatic situation, not to cause particular concerns in the family and not to worry their children: “It is a delicate situation and for this reason we have decided that, at home with the girls, we talk about it as little as possible “.