Massimo Boldi: “Cinepanettone with De Sica next year”

“I would like ‘Christmas in the center of the Earth'”

“I would like another Cinepanettone very much, very much. This year, after 30 years, it is the first time that I am not at the cinema with a Christmas movie, and I am very sorry. But next year we will certainly do the cinepanettone with Christian” Speaking, guest of Un Giorno da Pecora, on Rai Radio1, is the actor Massimo Boldi who admits his desire to return to making cinepanettoni with De Sica.

Boldi, for the next Christmas film, would do “‘Vviaggio to the center of the Earth’: one starts in the north, the other in the south and we are there”. So you didn’t fight with De Sica? “It’s absolutely not true, we talk to him every week.” In this period you seem very peaceful: are you in love? “I have been a widower for almost 18 years, and as I get older I begin to feel alone, this is the truth.” There are those who attribute to her relationships with actresses and non-actresses, even very young ones, such as Rosalinda Cannavò. “No, we are just friends and collaborators. Last week – explained the actor – they paparazzi me with a designer. We met her two months ago, she gave me an award in Padua, and we ‘sympathized’ with her. … “.

Do women also try to contact you via social media? “Many women write to me on IG giving me phone numbers accompanied by photos. But I’ve never looked for anyone.” We talk about politics: who would you like as the new President of the Republic? “A woman, I’d like it to be a woman’s turn.” The center-right seems compact on support for Silvio Berlusconi. “Yes, I heard it, but I don’t think so. Silvio has already led a complicated and difficult life, even if for him it would be crowning a dream, an extraordinary life and he would deserve it too. But – concluded Boldi on Un Giorno da Pecora – I don’t honestly think “.