Massimo Boldi denies his health problems: “I’m fine, it’s old news”

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Massimo Boldi has denied the rumors that have been circulating about him in the last few hours, according to which the Italian actor, conductor and comedian is affected by serious heart problems.
The local star wanted to reassure the fans, letting them know that he is fine and that these are old news. “My heart problems date back to a few years ago but they posted the news online yesterday, I don’t understand why,” Boldi said, entrusting his statements to Adnkronoswho contacted him for comment on the rumors relating to his health.
“I’d like to reassure all my fans that I’m fine, I just didn’t sleep last night because I got a little restless, I’m superstitious,” he added.

Recently, the network has seen reports that the actor is “in serious condition” and “under the knife”, which is not true, as he himself let it be known.
In reality, this is not the usual case of fake news but a real story which, however, comes out a full … five years after the incident!
In 2018, in fact, Massimo Boldi had to undergo an angioplasty operation to solve a problem of obstruction in the coronary arteries. At the time, he said, “I got away with it.”

It is likely that old articles have been republished online

But why did this strange thing happen? It is likely that a technical error is at the root of this phenomenon, i.e. the involuntary republication of old articles. Some old pieces that came out five years ago must have been republished, those that told of when in 2018 the actor was grappling with an important angioplasty operation at San Raffaele.
Boldi now specifies that his health situation is stable and he has no problem that requires his presence in the hospital. Indeed the actor, contacted by Adnkronos, stated his displeasure with what he’s been reading lately online. “I don’t understand why,” she said.
The actor also released another statement, entrusted to the website Dagospy: “Dear Dago, on some sites there are rumors about my ‘Serious health conditions’. Fortunately I’m fine and these news are not true. At the limit, I get rid of the SUV on the tram tracks”. He therefore cited what happened to him in the last days in Milan.

You mentioned the accident on the tram tracks

Talking to the site Dagospy to deny the news regarding health problems, the one who many Italians affectionately call by the nickname of “Cipollino” said: “My health conditions? Luckily I’m fine. At the limit I get rid of the SUV on the tram rails “. So he mentioned the recent accident on the tram rails which took place a few days ago in Milan, in the Porta Venezia area, when the actor ended up with his car (an SUV) on the tram rails and got stuck.

For a while this accident interrupted the circulation of vehicles in the center of Milan, but thanks to the intervention of some passers-by the traffic disruption did not last long: the car was freed from the rails, thus the circulation of public transport – and not only those – is resumed regularly.

The video of the actor trying to free the car immediately went viral on social networks, of course…
“It’s nice to see that many people still love me,” Boldi commented, noting how many people stopped to help him during the accident.

A passion for models (which, according to Boldi, caused the accident)

“It was a beautiful Saturday evening and it was raining,” explained Massimo Boldi to Afternoon 5: “I took the car which was just twenty days old and went out. I was on the speaker phone with Giorgia Carniti, a beautiful model who is a friend of mine. While I was talking to her, another person called me: Elisa, another my friend, I got excited and saw that the tram rails went straight and the road took a V shape. I hang out with models a lot, they called me all together and I went out with the melon,” the actor joked.