Massimo Leoni, the new album is The Lovers. “Words move thoughts not just the air”

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A conscious journey always suspended between two opposites: life and death, God and his absence, stories and reflections. The Loversthe new album by Massimo Leonipolitical journalist of Sky TG24which with its address book The guide it brings political life into our homes by opening a window that would otherwise remain closed. With these songs he ferries us on the river of life through real and imaginative figures, such as Spider-Man and Doctor Doom.

Massimo let’s start from the history of the album: when was it born and how did you work on it?

We’ve been in the studio separately, a band that plays everything live and at the same time is very difficult to organize. I write and arrange to some extent in my home studio where virtually all of the vocals were done. Then the material confronts Fabrizio Pigliucci, my historical companion on the road. We understand each other well and are artistic friends. Finally the musicians arrive. The Lovers it is technology and craftsmanship united by a lot of passion combined with an expressive urgency.
I am parentheses is it a place in song or is it who we are in life? Reminds me a bit of the who wants to be happy both tomorrow there is no certainty.

The song is an invitation to think about its opposite and has an important task, that of giving the measure to our projects and our feelings about life. When you are close to death, when you are in mourning or in grave danger, you begin to relativize everything.
They disarm the evil that attacks at night: Do you find peace through your songs? Everyone has his own demons and you exorcise them with music?

It does a little bit of that too. Those who make art bring out things that then become less offensive. This is the healing part but there is also the charm of telling exciting stories and leading to reflection.
When is the last time you experienced a brief happiness?

At the release of the disc, the most recent. It was ready for some time but it’s only now out; then when the video de Lovers. At that moment I experienced a surplus of emotions.
Take you away from here she is very melancholic: what relationship do you have with memories? Archive everything or select and forget?

I am left with the emotional color of memories but I have a very bad memory. It is a tribute to what remains even if it is necessary to get away from it. It’s what remains of a love in healthy mode; more generally, some things are no longer there while others I try to keep them.
In Walk the Worldas in other songs, there is a sense of loneliness: is it a state of mind that scares you?

It’s familiar to me, sometimes I look for it. It scares me if it’s not a choice. It must be made fruitful because certain things cannot be done if not alone. Sometimes I look for her and sometimes she finds me and I’m not always willing to welcome her.
Lady Sings the Blues it made me think of Janis Joplin and Amy Whinehouse: after white powder and brown sugar, the Rolling Stones’ brown sugar, will it really be just a voice?

The protagonist is Billie Holiday. That the voice remains is extremely important, there are so many people in the voice. When she sang…in that voice there was everything.
I want the key to your eyes: could it be the evolution of Fabrizio De André’s wide clear eyes that never cry?

I adore Ivano Fossati and Peter Gabriel. Here I link to an album by Spider-Man with Learned Destiny who had invented a machine to swap bodies and thus experience the sensations of the other person. So he felt the same things and also the normality that was not granted to him due to his physical impairments.
The one is hopelessly islands and the rebuttal of John Donne’s No Man Is an Island?

In the end we are islands enough. We must always communicate but do not fear the limit of not communicating.
The song is The Last Love but the incipit and the ending are for the first love: what did I miss?

Normally the first love is evoked and never the last. Which is what brings with it the fulfillment of your story and sometimes it comes when you don’t believe it’s possible anymore.
Yours stones with white sheet they make me think of the stones that the sea has consumed by Gino Paoli: can there be a correlation?

It is a reasoning on words when they have life behind them and inside. Experience and authenticity strike like stones but risk becoming just air moved when you pronounce them. If you haven’t lived the world wanting to talk… you won’t get anywhere.
Are you a believer? Do you pray to God every night?

No, but I imagined that in certain situations it can and should be done. I pray to God every night to find him, it hasn’t happened yet.
The lovers, the girl who was bought, the one who earned her living dancing, the lady who sings the blues… it seems to me that there is an important gallery of people conquered by life in your songs: are you fascinated by the world of the latter?

It’s true. When I write I feel this kind of humanity around me. But they are the latter who sometimes have a spark of emancipation from that situation and it is important. Short happinesses are like the points of the puzzle week that must be joined.
Finally I ask you if you plan to bring this project live.

Building a live is more difficult than putting together the album. I’d like to find the possibility of doing something in some suitable places, where there is the right attention.