Massimo Pericolo has announced his new album

Massimo Pericolo has announced his new album: the rapper from Gallarate has shared in the past few hours the upcoming release of his third recording effort. “Things change. My new album out on December 1st”, these are the words written by the artist on Instagram, accompanying a post with a captivating and well-edited video. On the occasion of this announcement which brings joy to his fans, the musician revealed the title, release date and tracklist of what is his third album, after Semper shawl of 2019 and Just everything of 2021.

Massimo Pericolo’s new album is currently in pre-order. The announcement was a surprise, even if there had been some small poster spoilers in recent days, so some fans were not totally unprepared to welcome the happy news of a new bow at Pericolo.
Things change it will contain sixteen songs (with an intro, a skit and an outro) and seven featuring which have not yet been revealed. The official press release announces that the feat. they will be “of national importance”.
Among the titles, that of. stands out Totoro 2part two of the song contained in the repack Hemodril Of Semper shawl.

You can watch the video with which Massimo Pericolo announced the arrival of the third album, entitled Things changein the clip you find at the bottom of this article.

Massimo Pericolo, the story of the rapper from Gallarate

Alessandro Vanetti, this is Massimo Pericolo’s real name, was born in Gallarate, in the province of Varese, and lived his childhood and adolescence in Catania. Having returned to Gallarate in 2014, at the age of twenty-one, he was imprisoned following the Scialla semper anti-drug operation. The period as a prisoner pushed Vanetti to dedicate himself to musical writing, choosing Massimo Pericolo as his stage name.
Once released, he released the video clip for the song in 2016 baklava and in the same year he participated in various local events with the support of his manager Xqz.
He became known with his song videos 7 billion (also released as a single) e Golden sands, which in a few weeks gained visibility, both exceeding one million views on the YouTube platform. In 2019 she released her debut album Always shawlre-released with remix versions and additional tracks later that year with the subtitle Emodrill Repack. the album was certified double platinum by FIMI for having exceeded the threshold of 100,000 units sold. After joining Ketama126 in Dog repellentthe album’s lead single Ketyreleased the single on October 22, 2019 Criminalsrecorded with rappers Speranza and Barracano.
In 2020 he collaborated with Mahmood on the creation of the single Moonlight popular, which debuted at third place in the Top Singles. The solo single was released in July 2020 Beretta, produced by Crookers and accompanied by a video clip on the rapper’s YouTube channel. Participates in the collaborative album by Jake La Furia and Emis Killa 17 and the mixtape Bloody Vinyl 3 by Slait, Low Kidd, Thasup and Young Miles.
The single was released on February 19, 2021 Lieswhich anticipates the release of his second album Just everything, which took place on the following 26 March. Massimo Pericolo’s second album is composed of fifteen songs and features collaborations with Salmo, Madame, Venerus and J Lord. It debuted directly at the top of the FIMI Album chart and was then certified platinum by FIMI.
In 2021 the rapper also published a book, entitled The lord of the forest, which was followed in 2022 by the single of the same name recorded together with the musician Dardust. On 22 July 2022 he was joined by Guè in the single Sarabambawhich anticipates a new collaboration between the two rappers: Need U 2nitecontained in Guè’s album Mother of pearl (released January 2023).

Below you can watch the video with which Massimo Pericolo announced the arrival of his third album.