Massive Attack, Nina Simone and Peter Gabriel…the music for Yoga

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Purnamadah of Shantala

Mantras are tools for freeing the mind from the incessant rustle of thoughts. They are formulas and sequences of words that have a therapeutic function, protecting against negativity and allowing a relaxation of the mind. Sound, it is known, has an extraordinary effect on our mind and body. Most of the songs below are mantras. This first song reminds me of moments of relaxation after an intense yoga class. And the words that underlie it are the essence of tantric philosophy.

Kartikeya Mantra by Ananda & Davor Vdovic

It’s a very beautiful song that I love to listen to even during a moment of tranquility and meditation, for example in front of the spectacle of a summer storm. Traditionally the mantra is chanted to overcome fear. According to Hinduism, a devotee can only succeed in the spiritual world when he overcomes fear. In the materialistic world, people chant the mantra for defeating enemies and for the fulfillment of desires.

Gayatri Mantra by Masood Ali Khan and Lisbeth Scott

It is a very famous and very powerful mantra. There are many versions. I chose this one because Lisbeth’s beautiful voice makes it resonate deeply as well as the part played by Masood. It’s an ancient mantra and is linked to the power of the sun and therefore it’s considered a universal mantra and should be recited in the morning. The words and meaning of the mantraOm Bhur Bhuvah Svaha/Tat Savitur Varenyam/Bhargo Devaysa Dhimahi/Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayat…We unite with earth and heaven/We acknowledge Savitur/Venerable force that makes us happy,/Above the sun ./ May it fill us with its shining light. / May it clarify our spirit, / May it purify and strengthen our heart / Inciting and inspiring us / on the path of divine awareness.

Durga mantra by Mantra Mom

A mantra dedicated to the goddess Durga, or the Divine Mother. She is depicted as a woman riding a lion or sometimes a tiger, with numerous arms whose hands hold different types of weapons and make mudrās (symbolic gestures performed with her hand). This form of the Goddess is the embodiment of the feminine creative energy (Shakti). Of an ambivalent nature, she has both in her the powers of creation and destruction. It is a powerful mantra of protection. I am attached to the figure of

goddess durga of which I tattooed a small symbol, the trisula, the trident, one of the weapons of the goddess.

Om Namah Shivaya of Shantala

The mantra in honor of the god Shiva, the destroyer, the benevolent, the lord of yoga and dance could not be missing. In his dancing god form, Nataraj, the scriptures say he created the world. The mantra is one of the most famous of Hinduism and the most important of Shaivism, hatha yoga is inspired by chui. Repetition of a few words helps to calm the mind and raise concentration.

Massive Attack Teardrops

The welcome, at the beginning of the lesson when you detach yourself from your commitments and daily life and start a moment all to yourself. This song is a way of saying come and leave all worries out of everything that concerns the newspaper and open up to yourself and to this moment that is all yours. I have always loved this song for the sweetness of the voice combined with the rhythm of the music.

The feeling begins by Peter Gabriel

I like its exotic touch, this sense of expectation and at the same time of travel and discovery, of the world and of oneself, where yoga, uniting mind and body, can lead you towards listening and welcoming what we are and that we can become.

Barefoot in the park by James Blake and Rosalía

Abandon yourself to the summer storm, after so much heat, the refreshing rain that brings new energy. This piece is like this, barefoot in the park during a summer storm, letting yourself go to the flow of the rain and the coolness it brings. I find it liberating.

Lebanese Blonde by Theivery Corporation

A piece that makes the mind float with an exotic touch and a visceral rhythm, that belongs to me. I like it because it makes you dream and takes you to a different world. It talks about travel and basically also about many aspects related to yoga such as calming the vrittis, the vortex, of thoughts. And he says: “now I can feel the sun, the clouds are carried by the wind…”.

Feeling good by Nina Simone

A classic soul of the great Nina Simone, a song that puts me in a good mood and that I like can be the conclusion of a lesson, when we say goodbye and go back to daily life with a new and renewed energy.