Mastella and the photo in Capri with Lenny Kravitz: “I didn’t know who he was”

The mayor of Benevento tells Sky TG24 the background of the shot that made the rounds of social media four years ago. Together with the two there was also the singer Peppino di Capri: it was he who explained to the former Minister of Justice who the rock star was

“I didn’t even know who Lenny Kravitz was.” Thus Clemente Mastella tells the background of the photo that in the summer of 2017 went viral on social media. In the image, the former Minister of Justice was portrayed together with the American pop star. The shot, published by Mastella himself on Facebook, provoked thousands of comments and shares.

Mastella, Kravitz and Peppino di Capri

In the video Mastella tells how many asked the American rock star to take a picture and that for this reason he decided to do the same. At the moment of the shot, the singer Peppino di Capri was also present, to whom Mastella turned to find out the identity of his photo companion. “’This is a big one’, Peppino replied – now Mastella says – but I didn’t really know who he was. ‘Peppino, you are a big one’, I told him “.

The next day, the former minister, showing the photo to his son, was surprised to find that he too knew the American star. “I have to tell the truth, I am familiar with Italian singers, I really like songwriters. I had no knowledge of this Lenny Kravitz, ”he admitted.