MasterChef 11 rekindles the dreams of Italians. The first selections are underway

“This is the place that has ignited the dreams of Italians, and continues to do so”: the new edition of MasterChef Italia began with this sentence (THE SPECIAL), last night on Sky and streaming on NOW. And it started with a trio of judges (THE PHOTOS) back more charged, close-knit, irresistible than ever: Bruno Barbieri with extraordinary yellow dress and blue shirt, Antonino Cannavacciuolo very elegant in a blue suit and white shirt, Giorgio Locatelli and her British style with a blue turtleneck under a dark suit. Ready, set, go: the stoves of the cooking show produced by Endemol Shine Italy for Sky have been rekindled, welcoming aspiring chefs who dream of becoming the eleventh MasterChef Italian. The two episodes last night, on Sky Uno / + 1 and on demand, totaled an average of 769 thousand average spectators And 1,156,420 contacts; in detail, the first episode totaled 888 thousand spectators and the 3.04% of share, with the 66% of permanence e 1,346,678 contacts; the second reached 649 thousand average viewers, with the 3.1% of share, the 67% of permanence e 966.161 contacts.

The selections of the new edition of MasterChef

The selections of this edition, at the center of yesterday’s episodes, were even harder: the amateur cooks had a pantry at their disposal to retrieve the necessary ingredients, after which they created a dish by completing it in front of Chef Barbieri, Chef Cannavacciuolo and Chef Locatelli. Whoever has obtained at least two yeses has earned the pass for the next phase, the Skill Tests. Between these: Anna, a nutritionist from Ferrara, with his plate for two yes “He was the ferrarese cappellaccio”, baked ravioli au gratin stuffed with ricotta cheese with parmesan fondue and purple potato sauce; And Matteo, 26 year old from Vigevano, two yes with his risotto with zucchini creamed with gorgonzola and seared duck breast on the surface. Two yeses out of three also for Roberto, from the province of Bergamo, with “In the clouds” – seared scallops with coral mayonnaise and sprouts on purple potato mousse with ginger; and for Diego, which submitted to the judges “Waiting for the night to end”, ravioli with three fillings on a reduction of white wine and spices.

A little commotion for Gabriel, 35 years old from Anzio, a “gentle giant” with a long red beard, powerful and emotional “bouncer” in a club but with a past as a victim of bullying, who prepared a cuttlefish stuffed with a puree of cabbage and potatoes with breadcrumbs and pistachios worthy of three yeses; and for Christian, 20 years old from the province of Turin, a student of Food Chemical Engineering, who told the judges that he wanted to enter MasterChef Italia for a personal challenge, having Asperger’s syndrome: his “Tradition and panic”, two flans – one with peppers with bagna cauda sauce and another with yellow tomatoes with gorgonzola and walnut sauce – it won the yes of two judges.

Tina, an employee of the fruit and vegetable department in a supermarket, brought a contemporary soup with tomato elixir, a dish created by Barbieri: for her, yes, including that of Chef Bruno himself; same result for Elena, a housewife from Milan who lives in Lido Adriano (Ravenna), who prepared “La cura”, ravioli in fish stock stuffed with sea bass marinated in soy sauce, coriander and ginger. Three yes and many compliments for Carmine, 18-year-old from Salerno, who enclosed in a dish – gyoza stuffed with scallops, pork and cauliflower with teriyaki sauce and crispy spring onion – “The world I would like”.

The judges of MasterChef Italia did not break the engagement between Andrealetizia And Nicky Brian: both showed up at Live Cooking, she with “Daje tutto” (duck breast on fennel salad with green bean sauce) and he with “Ready, go …” (sea bream fillet with chicory sautéed on mashed sweet potatoes and wafer of Parmesan cheese), they both passed the shift – even if she did it thanks to Locatelli who signed her apron having been the only one to say yes. He didn’t make it instead Don Paolo, pastor of the diocese of Acireale, who did not convince Chef Antonino and Chef Giorgio, while Chef Bruno said yes (“only to receive his blessing”, Cannavacciuolo “accused” him).

They have passed, among others, too Dahlia, 30 years old from Turin, daughter of one of the first starred chefs in Italy and now manager, who has served up her “5 Maggio”, a duck breast with carrot puree with turmeric; Bruno, 64 years old from Parma, with his rock dish “Tagliatelle Stairway to Heaven”; And Federico, A 30-year-old deejay of Argentine origins who divides his time between Formentera and Milan (where his 5-year-old son lives), with “Il mio viaggio” – a veal entrña with caramelized onions and mashed sweet potatoes. Also good Oriana, a typical Emilian lady with her “fat cuisine”, who brought the classic “Sunday tortelli stuffed with potatoes, bacon and Parmesan cheese” to MasterChef Italia; And Giulia, 30-year-old Bolognese model, media manager and photographer, with his “And if it were sweet”, sweet potato gnocchi with almond cream, spinach and crispy leek. The Persian influences (beans with black rice, cuttlefish and scallops) also won over the judges Give me and the Japanese ones (risotto with seared scallops, salmon roe and nori seaweed with Parmesan) of Mime.

Maria Grazia, 26, Roman, convinced the judges with her mum’s favorite gyoza that is gone, made with meat and cabbage leaf with sweet and sour sauce: she too will come back for the next step. Same fate for Tracy, from Verona and of Nigerian origins, in Italy for 15 years, who has put all the affection for the “Terra mia” on a plate, preparing a fried rice with crispy vegetables and liver with an emulsion of celery, lettuce and ginger: he everyone agreed, also receiving great compliments.

In a week, Thursday 23 December at 9.15 pm on Sky and NOW, two more episodes of MasterChef Italia arrive. For aspiring chefs it will be time for Skill Tests: the best will access the Masterclass, those who have disappointed expectations will return home, those who have not yet resolved all the doubts in the judges will have to overcome the final Challenges before conquering the most coveted white apron, the one with his own name. At the end of the two episodes, the official members of the Masterclass will enter the kitchen of this new season.