MasterChef 12, Barbieri against Silvia: “Dirty and disheveled”. The reply

The former competitor in a post: “The comments on my hair and on the apron that underlined a sloppy look I consider them a serious fall in style and perhaps more”

“The adventure is over, I go out serene even if perhaps not completely satisfied”. Thus begins the post of Silvia Zummo, the contestant of Masterchef Italia 12 eliminated in the last episode, who “tugs the ears” to the judge and chef Bruno Barbieri: “Not everything can be allowed for judges”. And she adds: “The comments about my hair and apron that underlined a sloppy look I consider them a serious lapse in style and perhaps more”.

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Just during the last episode, Barbieri – addressing Silvia – told her that she is usually “very chic” while “now it seems that you fought: dirty, with your hair down… you’ve never presented yourself like this in front of me. Also because you have a beautiful face, and with your hair up you look much, much, much better”.

“First of all, I thank the organization that allows the realization of the program, there is a lot of work behind the scenes, with me everyone has always been kind, helpful and good! – writes Silvia Zummo – I am close to my travel companions, with some c ‘it was a good feeling, with others perhaps for slightly less personal reasons, however I had respect for everyone in equal measure”.

“I sincerely wish those who are still in the game to continue their journey in the best possible way, I assure you they are all good guys – he continues – I thank the chefs, they really have great competence, I had fun with them and I learned many things A tug of the ears to chef @brunobarbieri_chef because not everything can be allowed to judges;