Masterchef 12, eliminated Ivana. Locatelli and the wireless supplì – Video

An evening that began as ‘comforting’, turned out to be insidious and even more technical

The adventure of the aspiring chefs at MasterChef Italia becomes increasingly unpredictable week after week: an evening that began as a ‘comforter’, having comfort food as its backbone, turned out to be insidious and even more technical. Mystery Box dedicated to preserves, Invention Test with chef Jacopo Mercuro’s masterpiece supplì, outdoor test at the Marmore Falls on local traditional food and Pressure Test on ‘creative minestrone’ have filled the path of aspiring chefs with obstacles, and have been fatal for Ivana, the 60-year-old parliamentary assistant from Rome, who had to untie the MasterChef Italia apron forever.

Protagonist of yesterday’s Invention Test at MasterChef Italia (every Thursday at 21.15 on Sky and streaming on NOW, always available on demand), he started from Chef Jacopo Mercuro’s supplì on the phone, and every amateur chef had to create his own very personal version. To the tasting by the judges, Francescone brought his ‘Supplì alla carbonara wireless’: certainly very Roman but, in fact, without the stringy thread of the cheese once they are half open. A very smart name, almost as much as the motif of the double breading in English, which however did not bewitch the British judge Giorgio Locatelli, who indeed called it ‘boring’ (boring). Luckily Francescone didn’t know the meaning of the word. (Images courtesy of Sky)