MasterChef 12, outside Silvia and Giuseppe. The double interview

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Technical perfection, well-defined identities and gustatory abilities, these are the qualities that the judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli tested yesterday, in a very high-voltage episode that saw the 2 Michelin star chef, Jeremy Chan, protagonist (highly anticipated) of a particularly difficult test, at the end of which Sylvia has the worst. Following her, Giuseppe who has to abandon the dream of reaching the final because of one “too many” coffee. The Roman entrepreneur and the “Beri Cooper” of the Masterclass of this 12th edition of Master Chef Italy, they leave the scene. We interviewed them to get to know them better, here’s what they told us in the interview from home via Zoom.

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THE INTERVIEW With Silvia and Giuseppe

How did the idea of ​​enrolling in MasterChef come about?

Sylvia: “My children have been saying for years that they wanted to enroll me and in the end they did, it was them and I accepted because it seemed like a nice thing in a beautiful moment in my life, I wanted to get involved, and I hope it was perceived all my desire to have fun.

Joseph: “It happened during last year’s edition, in the middle of the commercial while I was watching the episode I told myself I wanted to give it a try. And in those four minutes I rushed to the computer to register, I completed the registration the next day and everything started from there, the first auditions, the first video calls, the invitation to the studio and the live cooking”.


Sylvia: “I assure you that watching yesterday’s episode gave me many ideas, you realize that when you’re under pressure it’s really difficult to have the right clarity to understand what is best to do at that moment, on the sofa I brightened up, I told myself that I could have done many things and in a different way”.

Joseph: “I agree with Silvia, in those 45 minutes you have to understand too many things at once, and in front of you are the cameras, the spectators and then the interviews, in short, it’s tough. My regret is that coffee, now I know how to treat it, a bit of everything happened to me that day during the Pressure Test, I even breaded the coffee”.

What about team play?

Joseph: “In my opinion, there was a lot of teamwork in this edition, which is necessary when you want to lead the team to victory, but in a competition there are many dynamics that are activated, even being together in a forced coexistence has the its weight. In general, I prefer to go my own way in life, if I have to join a group that I don’t respect, I prefer to detach myself, the MasterChef experience went very well, even if everyone follows his path. I got on better with Silvia, Francesca, Letizia and others, transparent people who expressed themselves without games”.

Sylvia: “I agree with Giuseppe, it was a wonderful experience, each of us enters with his own experiences, weaknesses and strengths and for me the most important thing was sharing without ever losing the goal. It’s nice to create a good group despite being opponents, I consider the whole Masterclass to be a big family, there have been some divisions yes, but natural: for example the young people have closed off each other, and we seniors consequently, it’s normal. The most difficult thing is managing some tensions, but we survived, we were a good group and Giuseppe was a very stabilizing element, he always reassured everyone. Then of course, in the race you sharpen your knives, it’s part of the game”.

Which Chef do you bond with the most?

Sylvia: “I certainly adored chef Giorgio Locatelli, a man of class and great elegance, Antonino Cannavacciuolo has a huge heart behind that mountain and I shared southern dishes with him, Bruno Barbieri entertained me to death, each of them had a role and I think everyone has made a good contribution”.

Joseph: “I bonded with all three, for me the judges are three phenomena, in each episode I was better off with a different chef. To Bruno Barbieri who initially didn’t appreciate me, I managed to make him change his mind. Even Locatelli, after understanding me, supported me, perhaps I would put Antonino Cannavacciuolo at the top, yes “.

What do you take home from this experience?

Joseph: “MasterChef enriched me a lot, I discovered a side of myself that I didn’t know, the experience of cooking, that of sharing a hotel, a forced coexistence. I discovered the lack of my family, I always moved a little for work. I also bring home the light-heartedness I received and a great popularity, people recognize me, greet me and ask me for a photo, it’s a good feeling that I looked for and I got”.

Sylvia: “I must say that I take home a lot-a lot-a lot of stuff, and first of all the joy, I’ve certainly learned a lot, dealing with chefs of this magnitude, receiving those tips that help you improve in your studies and in your insights, I take behind the beautiful friendships. I’m also happy to have known the world that exists in the backstage of a production, and I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the whole work team”.

Who do you see on the podium?

Sylvia: “Franciscon”.
Joseph: “Franciscon”.