MasterChef 13, Marcus eliminated in the evening with record ratings

Eighth evening with a new audience record for MasterChef Italia, who improves himself and reaches a new seasonal record. The key words of the evening are certainly art, taste and fire, with the judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo And Giorgio Locatelli increasingly looking for the creativity and character of amateur chefs. Last Mystery Box with a precious Golden Pin up for grabs, Invention Test with the Master of leavening Pierluigi Roscioli to guide the amateur chefs in the first “all night long” test in the history of the Sky Original show produced by Endemol Shine Italy, dedicated – obviously – to leavened products; then, try it outdoors in Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo) with the Michelin star chef Errico Recanati, super expert in grilled cuisine; finally, a very insidious Pressure Test dedicated to the kidney which put more than one competitor in difficulty. Only one eliminated on the evening: the dream of Marcusa 43-year-old Swede who works as a househusband in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo


New audience record for the cooking show: yesterday, on Sky Uno/+1 and on demand, 943 thousand average spectators they followed the evening, reaching the 4.4% of share, with over 1,253,000 unique contacts and a very high 75% of permanence. A figure that is growing +12% compared to the equivalent episode of last season. In detail, yesterday’s first episode reached 1,020,000 average viewerswith the 4.1% of share, beyond 1,362,000 unique contacts and the 75% of stay (+7% compared to the homologous episode of last season); The second one 866 thousand average spectatorswith the 4.8% of shares, 1,145,000 contacts and the 76% of stay (+19% compared to the equivalent episode of last season). In the seven days, last week’s two episodes make a mark 2,044,000 average spectators, with almost 2,600,000 Of unique contacts and the 79% of permanence, a growing figure +3% compared to the previous two episodes. On social media the conversation is always vast: with 186 thousand total social interactionsthe official hashtag #MasterChefItfirmly on the podium of the most commented contents of prime time, entered the ranking of Italian Trending Topics directly to first position during the broadcast, remaining among the top positions also on Friday morning; the names of, among others, Michela, Kassandra, Settimino, Niccolò, Eleonora, Deborah, and chef Barbieri also appeared in the TT chart (sources: Talkwalker SCR;


The evening opened with a Mystery Box in the name of colour, the last chance to earn the coveted Golden Pin. Colored ingredients (beetroot, purple cabbage, spirulina algae, saffron, fresh turmeric, spinach, avocado, fresh pomegranate, tomato paste, raspberries) and other white ingredients (turbot, scallops and daikon) are available for the 45-minute cooking. The tastings of the best dishes began from Painting Of Anthony (marinated scallops, spinach, butter and salt, baked cabbage, beetroot puree, daikon carpaccio and raspberry gel), then Child’s game Of Marcus (saffron daikon, guacamole wafer, chive butter, fried avocado with spirulina and seared scallops) and I live colorfully Of Michela (saffron scallops and beetroot turbot, with spirulina daikon, spinach gel and turmeric wafer). The judges’ love at first sight came only with Michelawho got his second pin and with it an important advantage in the next test.

The challenge continued with the first Invention Test “overnight” in the history of MasterChef Italia: literally the longest Invention Test ever which led amateur chefs to work until late at night with leavened products, and for the occasion it arrived in Masterclass Pierluigi Roscioli of the Antico Forno Roscioli in Rome, which has been churning out pizzas according to tradition for four generations and five decades. The contestants cooked your own creative pizza on the peel, taking care of all the preparation phases: from the dough to the overnight leavening, from the rolling out of the dough to the cooking, without forgetting the filling to taste. Michela, winner of the Mystery Box, entrusted a penalty to Kassandra, Eleonora and Antonio, forcing them to also prepare the Roman pizza crust with toppings of their choice. The tastings started from Alexander The Great Of Michela (with courgette flowers, courgettes, sausage, burrata and yellow cherry tomatoes), before moving on to the three disadvantaged competitors: Anthony with Abnormal (with aubergines, buffalo ricotta and figs) e Sicilian crispy (with prawns, buffalo ricotta, yellow and red datterini tomatoes); Eleanor with 5 and 5 = 10 (with chickpea and aubergine cake) e Pizza yes, but what about dessert? (crispy with chocolate mousse); Kassandra with For a fig (with porchetta, caramelized onions, figs and walnut ricotta) e Memories of home (crispy with mortadella, pistachio pesto and burratina). Then all the others: Bad cholesterol, but good Of Nicholas (with stracchino, nduja, sausage and bacon sautéed in juniper and cardamom), Speck and apple tonina Of Will be (with speck, apple, burrata, caramelized onion and fig jam), Pizza four regions Of Seventh (with sausage, buffalo mozzarella, caramelized onions), Breaking taboos Of Marcus (with sausage, pineapple, mozzarella and chilli pepper) e Homage to Rome Of Deborah (with sausage, artichokes, amaretti, burrata and anchovy sauce). If on the one hand Eleanor delighted the judges, on the other Marcus he made the most serious mistakes: for him, a black apron and direct passage to the Pressure Test, without the possibility of participating in the outdoor test.


The other eight candidates for the title then moved to the heart of Val di Chiana, a Foiano della Chiana (near Arezzo), where Chianina cows are raised. Chef here Errico Recanati – 1 Michelin star at the restaurant Andreina from Loreto, in the Marche region, one of the leading experts on grilled cuisine – gave advice to aspiring chefs, who for the first time prepared an entire gourmet grilled menu for 20 butchers and restaurateurs in the area. The red brigade (led by Sara with Kassandra, Michela and Settimino) cooked the skewer of Chianina offal with black cabbage sauce, grilled bucatini carbonara and chicken cooked from afar with cauliflower and mandarin chutney, while the blue one (led by Eleonora with Deborah, Antonio and Niccolò) prepared the skewer of chicken offal with pineapple and red fruit sauce, grilled spaghettoni with cheese and pepper and sliced ​​Chianina with grilled potatoes. Despite arguments and misunderstandings, it was a surprise red brigade to celebrate a victory which, with the vote of the butchers and restaurateurs, was overwhelming: 18 red votes against only two blue votes.

Back in Masterclass, Eleonora, Deborah, Antonio and Niccolò joined Marcus to challenge each other in a Pressure Test high tension: starting from the negative review of a dish, they had to propose their best version of kidney with honey base on potato cream, marinated shallots and sautéed chard. The tastings started from Gourmet kidney Of AnthonyThen What a mess Of Deborah, Rognosetti Of NicholasIn the end Second chance Of Marcus, Tender but kidney Of Eleanor. The dish that least convinced the judges was that of Marcus: for him the dream was interrupted immediately after reaching the Top 10, but he brought home the affection of many colleagues in the Masterclass who accompanied his elimination with deep and sincere emotion.

Next week, Thursday 8 February, always at 9.15pm on Sky and streaming on NOWgreat twists await the eight aspiring chefs remaining in the competition at MasterChef Italia: the challenges will become increasingly more complicated and, as we begin to glimpse the final rush of the race, the tension will risk upsetting any balance within the Masterclass .